Breaking News; Former NTT Governor Frans Lebu Raya Dies

VOX TIMOR – Drs. Frans Lebu Raya Former governor East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) die. Sunday 19 December 2021.

Drs. Frans Lebu Raya (born 18 May 1960) is governor East Nusa Tenggara since 2008. He was elected as governor East Nusa Tenggara replaces governor Piet Tallo.

The sad news circulated widely on Wa and Facebook, Mr. Frans Lebu Raya ex governor NTT It was reported that he died at Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar Bali.

“Sad news, father has passed away ex governor Frans Lebu Raya at Sanglah Hospital Bali,” wrote a fellow journalist on the journalist’s Wa group.

“Goodbye to your father’s house in heaven, Frans Lebu Raya’s father. We as a family are also grieving, may the family that was left behind endure this grief,” wrote Vincentia Koy through her Facebook account.

Until this news was published, this sad news had circulated widely. ***



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