Breaking new ground together

The parish community “Um den Michaelsberg” with the communities Hollstadt, Junkershausen, Wargolshausen, Heustreu, Unsleben and Wollbach has a new pastoral officer in Regina Werner. A relief for Pastor Leo Brand, who was previously solely responsible for pastoral care. Together we want to go new ways, because, says Regina Werner, “Church today is more than just offering services”. She sees conversations with people as an important aspect of her work and emphasizes togetherness. This is especially necessary in today’s time when the Catholic Church is in a crisis. The pastoral officer is sure that there will be changes in the church, but that faith will certainly not be lost. It is necessary to be with the people.

The pastoral advisor comes from Obereßfeld and grew up in a Christian family home. After graduating from high school in Bad Königshofen, she decided in 1982 to pursue a church career. From 1982 to 1988 she studied theology in Würzburg and Paderborn. After her pastoral internship in Dittelbrunn, she attended home economics school and spent a long time in southern England. From 1990 Regina Werner was a pastoral assistant in Nordheim am Main and Sommerach, went to Würzburg (Sankt Laurentius) in 1996 and two years later switched to church youth work in the Rhön-Grabfeld district.

After a family time she worked in Bad Königshofen from 2004, from 2011 in the parish community “Grabfeldbrücke” and from 2014 in the parish community “Westliches Grabfeld, Großeibstadt”. In 2018 she took over the job of marriage and family pastoral care in the dean’s office in Bad Neustadt in the Sankt Michael family education and multi-generation house.

Collaboration on an equal footing

Like Pastor Leo Brand, she comes from agriculture, is down to earth and close to nature. You rely on and a collaboration on an equal footing. This is exactly what was shown at the first introductory services, at which Regina Werner immediately felt that she was welcome.

“After the service there were discussions and the first ideas.” Like Pastor Leo Brand, Regina Werner is sure that you have to break new ground together with people. It refers to the intact village life, the clubs and associations, as well as the active church life. The new pastoral officer spontaneously names the secretaries, with whom many threads come together. The people responsible in church administrations, in the joint parish council, the associations, Kolping and women’s association, as well as the many committed people in the communities are important to her.

Insight into community life

“I already know that people are doing a lot in and for their parish and this is exactly where I want to support them and get involved.” The fact that good cooperation with the politically responsible also belongs to village life is important to both pastors and a matter close to their hearts. It is already certain that Regina Werner gives lessons in the Wollbach elementary school and participates in the preparation for first communion. In the coming weeks, Regina Werner will introduce herself to the church services and accompany Pastor Leo Brand on his various visits to gain an insight into community life. “I am happy to be here and to get to know the people and to shape church life together with them.”

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