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Brazil’s parliament approves indictment of 300,000 murders against president

by drbyos

“The reckless herd immunity … Half of the dead are those who will not die”

Considering the allies and loyalists of the House of Representatives, the actual prosecution is unknown

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro

[AP 연합뉴스 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Eui-jin Lee = The investigation committee under the Senate of Brazil is expected to give an opinion that President Jair Bolsonaro should be charged with murder, saying that it has caused massive deaths in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. am.

On the 19th (local time), CNN Broadcasting and the New York Times (NYT) reported this by obtaining a 1,200-page draft of the National Investigation Report prepared by the Corona 19 National Investigation Committee led by Senator Henan Calyeirus.

The report was prepared after the committee held more than 50 hearings in six months.

In the report, the commission charged President Bolsonaro on at least 11 counts, including murder, and stated the reasons for the indictment.

The report notes that hundreds of thousands of people have died as President Bolsonaro ignored advice from health and quarantine experts and adopted a “reckless” quarantine policy he hoped would achieve herd immunity.

In particular, he said the president is responsible for half of the 600,000 deaths in Brazil due to the administration’s policies that should not have died.

Brazilians protest in memory of 600,000 people who have died from COVID-19
Brazilians protest in memory of 600,000 people who have died from COVID-19

[로이터 연합뉴스 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB금지]

President Bolsonaro refused to implement measures such as lockdowns and economic activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and encouraged rallies and demonstrations.

They often neglected quarantine rules, such as refusing to wear masks at hospitals and beaches. On the 13th, he publicly announced that he would not be vaccinated at all.

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In addition, President Bolsonaro actively promoted chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, which have not been proven effective, as a treatment for COVID-19.

The report contained testimony from former Health Minister Luis Henrique Mandeta that the government supported these treatments without scientific evidence.

Various charges were also applied, including a charge of contributing to the genocide of indigenous peoples in the Amazon, as well as a teacher of crime.

The report recommended that 69 senior government officials, both former and current, be prosecuted for crimes, including three sons involved in a relationship.

The committee will make the report public the next day in the Senate, and a vote to adopt the report will be held by next week.

However, it is unclear whether Bolsonaro will be charged with the charges listed in the report, the New York Times predicted.

For indictment to take place, the House of Representatives as well as the Senate must approve the report, and then the Attorney General must decide on the prosecution.

But the House of Representatives is dominated by presidential supporters, and the Attorney General is also nominated by President Bolsonaro, the New York Times explained.

Meanwhile, President Bolsonaro dismissed the report as it was written with political motives when the contents of the report became public.

He then told his supporters that he did not care about the report at all, saying the investigation was “funny.”

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