Brazilian striker brothers give Courtois his second Copa del Rey against Osasuna | Foreign football

The dress rehearsal for the Champions League: check!

Real Madrid has become a true tournament team. It proved that once again in the Copa del Rey. After knocking out eternal rivals Barcelona in the semi-finals, it was a size too big for CA Osasuna in the final.

After barely two minutes of play, Real was already cheering. Dribble butt Vinicius immediately served his Brazilian striker brother Rodrygo with the opening goal. That wouldn’t be the last time that night.

Afterwards, De Koninklijke dominated the party, but just when an unemployed Thibaut Courtois seemed to be on his way to stamp, Osasuna surprised with a goal against. One chance, one goal: like a bolt from the blue it was suddenly equal again.

But Real Madrid is already accustomed to hotter positions. The experienced team of Carlo Ancelotti systematically increased the pace again. Successfully. Vinicius dribbled the opposition once again, to give Rodrygo his second of the evening.

Real Madrid will win a prize in Spain this season. Our compatriot Courtois was allowed to raise the Spanish Cup for the second time.

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2023-05-07 07:50:51

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