Brazil suspends 12 million doses of Sinovac vaccine, what’s up?


Brazil suspends over 12 million vaksin Sinovac as of last Saturday. The COVID-19 vaccine, developed by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech, was produced in an unauthorized factory, Brazilian health regulator Anvisa said.

Quoted from Reuters, Anvisa was warned on Friday by the San Paulo Butantan Institute medical center in partnership with Sinovac. Required to fill and complete vaccine locally from 25 batches or 12.1 million doses of Sinovac vaccine shipped to Brazil from unauthorized manufacturers.

“The manufacturing unit … was not inspected and not approved by Anvisa in the authorization of the emergency use of the vaccine mentioned,” Anvisa said.

“The ban is a precautionary measure to avoid exposing the population to possible imminent risks,” he added.

Meanwhile, Butantan also told Anvisa that there were 17 other batches with a total of 9 million doses produced in the same factory. The Sinovac vaccine is on its way to Brazil.

The suspension period for the Sinovac vaccine is set for 90 days. During this time Anvisa will inspect the factory and find out more about the safety of the manufacturing process.

It is not yet certain what risks arise in the total dose of the Sinovac vaccine, so further investigations need to be carried out.

The vaccination program in Brazil mostly uses vaksin Sinovac. COVID-19 cases as of last Saturday increased by 21,000, and 692 people died of Corona.

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