Brazil suspends 12 million doses of illegal Sinovac vaccine

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Health regulator Brazil, Anvisa, suspended the use of more than 12 million doses of the developed Covid-19 vaccine Sinovac Biotech, Ltd, China produced in illegal factories.

In a statement, Saturday (4/9) local time, Anvisa said it received a warning on Friday (3/9) by the Butantan Institute, a biomedical institution that is partnering with Sinovac to work on the vaccine locally in Brazil.

The warning contained 25 batches or the equivalent of 12.1 million doses shipped to Brazil from unauthorized manufacturers.

“The manufacturing unit, was not vetted and approved by Anvisa in the said emergency use authorization of the vaccine,” the regulator said.

“This prohibition is a precaution to avoid exposure of the population to possible risks,” continued Anvisa.

Butantan also told Anvisa that another 17 batches, equivalent to 9 million doses, were also produced at the same factory, the funds were on their way to Brazil.

During the 90-day ban, Anvisa will inspect the factory, and find out more about the safety of the vaccine manufacturing process.

During the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine in Brazil earlier this year, most of the vaccines administered were Sinovac.

Brazil on Saturday (4/9) reported 21,804 new cases and 692 new deaths from Covid-19.


[Gambas:Video CNN]


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