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Boyko Borisov, Slavi, THE PAIN and … The Cobra! The photos speak for themselves!

by drbyos

Heavy as a steel hammer, Vladimir Klitschko’s left straight knocked out Kubrat Pulev on November 15, 2014. Despite the loss in the 5th round, the many thousands of spectators who filled the hall in Hamburg gave well-deserved applause to the Bulgarian. Our national flags are also proudly flown.

Before and after entering the ring, Cobra and Klitschko exchange memorable remarks.

“He has everything he needs to be a world champion, but he doesn’t have a heart. He behaves like a girl.”, says Pulev to the world champion.

“Kybpat лylev is the biggest ppostak, which I have heard and with which I had to go to the ping. It is ridiculous for me to hear the statements, the excuses and the pathetic accusations, which I am trying to repeat until “, Klitschko cuts him off after dropping him to the floor.

Despite everything, Kubrat Pulev gave his best in the ring, and the day after his defeat, Borisov supported him on social networks:

“Bulgaria needs such strong and dignified men, and I am sure that its successes are yet to come.”

Years later, Prime Minister Borissov continued to stand firmly behind Kubrat for better or worse. But as often happens – nothing good goes unpunished.

The cobra crawled out of the bushes like a cinderella after the prime minister resigned and poison came out of his tongue. The cobra was no longer friends with Borisov, he surrounded himself with inappropriate people.

It is a good idea for the Cobra to look around before talking about inappropriate people. We recalled his nonsense about Klitschko, even more stupid nonsense about Anthony Joshua.

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He will probably remember for the rest of his life the blows he suffered from the two champions. Klitschko and Joshua had fun with his clown tricks and then sent him unconscious.

While he benefited from Borisov, the Cobra was his friend. Not now, he could even be “even rougher.” To be so rude to Klitschko and Joshua, not to have wiped the dust in the ring with his chubby body.

Today the Cobra celebrates its 40th anniversary! Be alive and well. God gave him some athletic qualities, but he was not so generous with him in mind and gratitude.

But that’s another topic …

Another former friend of Borissov’s, Slavi Trifonov, talked about the pain he had inflicted on him now with the forthcoming restructuring of the CEC.

Instead of constructive suggestions and ideas. Hatred, pain and bitterness. Is the pain the new decoction with which Slavi will heal the sick Bulgarian people?

Will his cure for the pandemic and the financial crisis be a pain, or will he be driven by a thirst for revenge and revenge?

Will he go to work in the National Assembly or will he push sarcastic statuses from his estate? Or will I emphasize equilibristika?

His people have already begun to enjoy Mercedes and MP salaries.

Will he give up the extras or will he practice on the Bulgarian people who have seen everything?

All issues that are not solved with statuses or tattoos, with which Slavi is too rich.

When talking about PAIN, Slavi should remember Boyko Borissov’s favorite sentence: “Pain is the best teacher”. And not to underestimate Borisov, because I am sure that he has learned his life lessons through the prism of pain.


I will also add a quote from Elchin Safarli: “Pain is good and it makes you move forward.”

Hopefully Bulgaria will continue to move forward, regardless of everything that happens to it and the people who try to steal its memory!



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