Bourgneuf, Rechèvres and Aligre districts, in Chartres: criticism of the new traffic plan, responses from the City

Some residents of the Rechèvres, Bourgneuf and Aligre neighborhoods in Chartres find only drawbacks when testing changes in the direction of traffic in their areas. Frankly discontented, they created separate collectives. On Saturday, they met to discuss the negative points, according to them, born from these new traffic flows.

Living along the avenue d’Aligre, Didier Charteaux, affirms: “The municipality speaks to us about a peaceful city, of a limitation of the traffic in the city center, but this is not the case. In particular, we were promised the rue du Bourgneuf in one direction in its entirety. It was, it is no longer. And that the avenue d’Aligre would not be a return from the rue du Bourgneuf. She has become one. “

The new traffic plan for Rechèvres, in Chartres, remains in effect for an indefinite period.

“The double penalty”

For him, “the damage is multiple, such as pollution, insecurity for the large number of people traveling by bicycle, noise, etc. “. According to Didier Charteaux, the desire to decongest the rue de Rechèvres causes for the inhabitants of the Aligre sector “a significant passage of vehicles registered in Seine-Maritime, Oise, Eure and even English. The Euréliens who make Dreux-Orléans are a minority ”.

“We have lost this aspect of such a pleasant residential area. In addition, at night, cars go very fast. “

Dominique colliot (Living along Avenue d’Aligre)

A neighbor, Cézar Morise, emphasizes: “Before, the traffic was almost non-existent. The double penalty means vehicles in both directions with the reopening of part of the rue du Bourgneuf. Conclusion, air quality is impacted and therefore our health at the end of the chain! Another resident assures us: “The mirrors of parked cars jump out one after the other. Many residents believe that the value of their homes will be impacted downward. “

The new traffic plan in the northern sector of Chartres is reacting: “Time to change habits”

The association of residents of Bourgneuf spoke through the voice of Philippe Brunel: “We had gone from 9,000 vehicles to less than 5,000 per day when the street was made one-way to Lèves. But it is again accessible up to rue Beaurepaire! ”

“To get out of our home or return home, we put ourselves in danger. The traffic is heavy and the users are not tolerant. “

Philippe Brunel (Association of residents of Bourgneuf)

He suggests better signaling of speed bumps, a section radar to slow down the speed of cars and a wider sidewalk. “The idea is not to transfer traffic to other neighborhoods, but it’s not up to us to find a coherent solution, but up to the municipality. “

“Corks” place Drouaise

The protesters point to the new rue Édouard-Lefèvre, which would no longer play its starting role. For them, “it had to direct traffic towards the ring road. But the reopening of the rue du Bourgneuf, towards the place Drouaise, makes it an abandoned street. “

Among their demands, the sequence of fires at Place Drouaise which, according to them, “causes traffic jams on both sides of the axes”.

Spokesperson for the parents’ association in the Rechèvres district, Ludovic Grenier confides: “We were the first to be affected before further changes were made. I would like to know the figures in terms of vehicle flow and if the experiments are finished? ”

Two public meetings. Public meetings Monday, October 11, at 8 p.m., at the Maison pour tous du Pont-Neuf (9, place des Fondeurs), for residents of the Bourgneuf sector, then Tuesday, October 12, at 8 p.m., at the Maison pour tous de la Cité (52, impasse Huysmans), for residents of the Fresnay and Rechèvres sector.

“Nothing is final”, assures Guillaume Bonnet, deputy mayor

Guillaume Bonnet, deputy in charge of improving the living environment, presents a new traffic plan.

Guillaume Bonnet, in charge of this new traffic plan file in his capacity as assistant for the improvement of the living environment, gave his vision on these developments. On the first section of rue du Bourgneuf, one-way from Place Drouaise at the intersection of rue Beaurepaire, the deputy mayor considers that there was a safety issue for pedestrians: “With sidewalks of 38 cm wide, where even strollers could not pass. “He recalled that these developments were a campaign promise during the last municipal elections and that, since October 2020, various experiments have been carried out:” There were three scenarios. A first phase with the incoming rue de Fresnay, then a second phase with the outgoing rue de Fresnay and, finally, a third phase with the rue du Bourgneuf in both directions of traffic between the rue Édouard-Lefèvre and the rue Beaurepaire. It is this last step which is currently being tested. And it has no impact on the rue de Rechèvres. “Regarding the traffic on Avenue d’Aligre, the elected official specifies:” We worked with the managers of Waze (navigation aid application) so that they direct vehicles to the ring road as a priority. instead of taking them through the city of Chartres. ”

Regarding the fires at Place Drouaise, the deputy mayor does not share the opinion of the collectives: “Outside of the working hours, things are going rather well. He confided that a development project for this traffic-free crossroads was under study. Guillaume Bonnet specifies that he receives favorable opinions for the modifications underway in the districts cited by the collectives. In conclusion, he announces: “We will unveil the figures on the various axes concerned during two public meetings. And nothing is definitive, all the data collected on two-wheelers, cars and trucks will be studied. We are not against cars and the various other modes of travel, but we need a secure cohabitation. ”

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