Bouncers throw punches in the street! ‘Shirt to Henk’ (video)

Bouncers throw punches in the street!  'Shirt to Henk'

It has been known for a long time that you should not argue with bouncers but rather give a tip at the door. And when the men and women in charge of security ask you to put on your shirt, you listen. If you don’t do this, you just won’t come in.

A number of men who were involved in an argument with two bouncers will not soon forget this. Bouncers are usually well trained in combat or strength sports but prefer not to lash out if necessary.

But if things seem to get out of hand, escalation can occur and even blows can be dealt. In the video, we see the aggressive group of men, one of whom receives a corrective slap. When things go wrong, bouncer 2 throws a punch that hits hard. The man then stretches.

If the men want to run away, they have to drag their mate with them. This one tries to get along on its own but seems to have rubber legs….


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