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Bouligny. Special envoys in the courtyard of the Pierre-et-Marie-Curie college

by drbyos

The fingers are raised, the questions fuse. In this room of the Pierre-et-Marie-Curie college, the attention of the pupils is beyond doubt. And she alone testifies to the interest shown by these young people of 4e about the day: journalism. In front of them, to answer them, two professionals, one photographer of the Republican Lorrain stationed at the Thionville agency, Pierre Heckler, and the other, former editor-in-chief of RL, L’Est Républicain and Vosges Morning, Jean-Marc Lauer.

Both responded to the invitation launched by Simon Heckler, professor of French, and some of his collaborators, Angèle Lecointre, professor of librarian, Sabrina Denis, professor of French, or Sylvère Jandel, professor of French. history, as part of a project within the framework of an interdisciplinary practical teaching.

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“The editorial line”

“This project concerns two 4th year classes, and consists of the creation of a newspaper, or rather of a special issue devoted to the life of the college,” says the teacher. The distribution will be internal and we will also give it to students who will make their first start in September in the establishment. “We can say that this constitutes the editorial line of the number”, continues Jean-Marc Lauer.

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The latter tried to guide his team throughout the day, from collecting information to writing articles. Another part of the students, making up the photographers pole, were at the same time alongside Pierre Heckler for the shots called upon to illustrate the texts.

Freedom of press

“This day was in connection with the show entitled Page 3 which was given by two actresses of the Cie Gunnar Olof of Dijon, a few weeks ago, notes the principal education advisor, Emeline Manzoni. It was a reflection on the freedom of the press. »A topic obviously addressed yesterday during the exchanges which preceded the work of the ones and the others on the ground.

While waiting for the final result and the delivery of this special Pierre-et-Marie-Curie issue, the two speakers wanted to underline the motivation of the students. “They are curious and in the age of social networks, of continuous information, they are very attentive to the reality of the processing of information. ”

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