Borrell Mission: EU urges Brazil to keep environmental commitments

The EU foreign affairs representative Josep Borrell addressed admonishing words to the government during a visit to Brazil. The background to this is the planned free trade agreement between the EU and the Mercosur countries, which has been on hold since 2019.

Borrell said at a joint press conference with Foreign Secretary Carlos Franca: “I encourage Brazil to deliver on the commitments it made this year, including its recent commitment at COP26. These environmental commitments will be vital to the successful conclusion of the Mercosur Agreement, and we are working with our Mercosur Partners together to create the necessary clarity about our joint commitment in this area. “

“Highest environmental standards”

Brazilian Foreign Minister Carlos Franca replied: “We agree that this agreement, once signed, will ensure the highest environmental standards and bring socio-economic benefits to both regions.”

At the COP26 climate conference, Brazil joined a multilateral alliance to protect forests and reduce climate-damaging methane emissions. The aim is to stop the destruction of forests by 2030.

The massive deforestation of the Brazilian rainforest and the lack of sanction mechanisms by the EU against the government in Brasilia for this approach are among the obstacles that have prevented the ratification of the Mercosur Agreement so far. The Brazilian commitments are seen as an indication that Brazil does not want to completely decouple itself in terms of climate policy.



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