Borissov: Bulgaria is under dictatorship and Radev is in the lead (Video / Updated)

In a dictatorship such as Bulgaria, Radev violates the constitution on a daily basis. There are deadlines, it doesn’t matter, he says – so much here, racketeering. It all depends on the dictator. His puppets are also handing out large financial resources from oligarchs, whom the chief prosecutor has arrested, he said, whether the elections will be 2 in 1. This was said by GERB leader Boyko Borisov to journalists in Burgas.

They divert attention from the real problems, Borissov said.

He is terribly fearless. Toshko Yordanov is Slavi 3. They gathered in the cave, surrounded by jeeps. Funny thing, Borisov said.

Several crimes of high-ranking government officials have been announced, I don’t know how you are not interested. Can you imagine what it would be like if he was in our party. Yesterday the chairman of the largest parliamentary group, as they like to say, although in Bulgaria we defeated them, how they transferred 1% of the machines, how the MRF transferred their votes in Kardzhali, but the deputy head of parliament wrote on a piece of paper in parliament for MP half a million. At my expense, they needed 30 people to form a government. BGN 30,000 to 500,000 – where from? It was said at the time that I had told my parliamentary group what to do, Borissov was indignant.

Mrs. Miteva was brutally kicked in front of everyone. I wonder how this guardian of law, Minister Rashkov, that I hated my name next to him, how he did not send SANS. He says on a piece of paper in front of the cameras. Who is this MP? Where is this leaflet, where did this happen? Why is Mr. Yordanov, who says that GERB is a mafia structure, silent as a mobster and only yesterday shared about this colossal bribe for an MP? Borisov asked. According to him, that is why there was talk of a government of IBGNI – with the purchased deputies.

Why are you covering for these people? Who paid to remove the guard of the patriarch and the chief prosecutor to make them an easy target, I’m not afraid, who paid and how much? Why Kapon, Hadjigenov, Maya and not accidentally Hristo Ivanov are silent on this issue. The deputy chairman gives half a million for an MP. All these anti-corruption or protest parties, if people liked them, would not be the last in all elections. We will only comment on when, to whom and how they will file charges. We will not let this scandal be swept under the rug, Borissov was categorical.

Radev is responsible, he is their father, he gives them tasks with certain deadlines, he disposes of them as he wants. How long are we waiting to find out if the Minister of Economy is a Canadian citizen or not? I am immediately to change the constitution and dual citizenship, laws were made for me not to be able to be party chairman as mayor. Can you imagine what was poured against us to buy an MP for half a million, Borissov continued.

Where did Radev dispose of? He asked.

They don’t give money for anything, neither for municipalities, nor for anything. Now you will see how in a year you will get stuck if they continue like this. We did well to give the money to the municipalities, otherwise Asen Vassilev will immediately scratch it, Borisov addressed the gathered citizens and mayors.

At the moment there is only chaos, scandals, corruption. From what I heard yesterday, it does not occur to me how Boyko Rashkov did not contact himself and did not start questioning, GERB leader Boyko Borisov commented earlier. Today he and the mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov reviewed the construction of the bypass road near the city to Sunny Beach.

They work, but not at the pace they would otherwise work. Let’s hope they meet the deadline by the end of the year. This will be a great treasure for the Bulgarians who rest on the section Sunny Beach – Obzor – Pomorie. All traffic from Trakia Motorway will pass from here.
It is good that we provided them with the money and they did not take it from them, because even that would remain like a wasteland, Borisov was categorical.

The agricultural producers are also satisfied, there is an overpass so that they can pass with equipment and not break the asphalt road, Nikolov emphasized.

There were some here who came to see him. Very interesting. Before, they talked about raising the prices of gasoline and oil, about the revision of “Lukoil”, now for several months they have neither asked for them from the Minister of Finance, nor talk about raising the price, it has risen by 30-40%, but the silence of the lambs. By the end of the year, I hope they will not be deprived of their money and it will become a fact, Borissov said.

Is the hall ready? He asked Nikolov.

Yes, we are waiting for the ministry to press because there are minor violations, the mayor replied.

How many blocks did we rehabilitate? Borisov continued.

185, Nikolov replied.

185 blocks, and Radev 0 blocks and so it will be until the end, because from the recovery plan, as far as I know, they were removed, said Borissov.

It is good that we transferred the money to them and the road was in an advanced stage, otherwise they would have ruined it as well, he added.

The hospital has been rehabilitated. We set aside 10 million for it. Isolation, everything. Tell these things to the people of Burgas. This will remember GERB – with what has been done, the leader of GERB was categorical.



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