Boris Johnson’s adviser resigns after joke about Christmas party

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson is accused of violating the corona restrictions at a Christmas party on Downing Street in December 2020. He himself has repeatedly denied the information, but the London police are considering initiating a preliminary investigation following reports from two Labor members.

Now Johnsons announces adviser Allegra Stratton that she is leaving her post with immediate effect. The announcement comes after a video was published in which she jokes about the incident at what appears to be an exercise press conference ahead of a possible revelation about the Christmas celebration.

“Do cheese and wine work separately? We had a job meeting “, Stratton asks in the video.

Outside his home, a tearful Stratton now says that the video has become a distraction in the pandemic work.

– I will regret what I said for the rest of my life. I apologize to everyone who has lost loved ones. This afternoon, I will submit my resignation application to the Prime Minister, she says according to Sky News.

Allegra Stratton.

Photo: Adrian Dennis/AFP

Earlier in the day Johnson’s spokesman said the prime minister still had full confidence in his adviser.

Johnson received harsh criticism in the lower house in London on Wednesday and he was accused, among other things, of obscuring the party. The Prime Minister responded by apologizing for the video while re-assuring that no party had taken place.

– That clip also makes me furious, he says.


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