Bordeaux-Bègles in dirty sheets?

The Union Bordeaux-Bègles has still not managed to start its season frankly.

Author of sluggish performances, the Girondin club finds itself at the bottom of the ranking.

Manager Christophe Urios paid the price since he was fired by its president Laurent Marti.

This Saturday, the UBB lost on the lawn of Perpignan on the occasion of the 11th day of the Top 14.

Midi Olympique journalist Jérôme Prevot gave an update on the UBB’s start to the season. Extract:

“The Bordelais are poorly ranked, they haven’t won away yet. There was a tug of war with Christophe Urios because part of the group didn’t appreciate his influence, so Christophe Urios left. The players all wanted to show that even without Christophe Urios the UBB could have results and it didn’t matter much against USAP. There was a controversial referee’s decision on a try denied to Jefferson Poirot. I think UBB could very well have won. Jalibert delivered a 4-star part so I think that sportingly, Bordeaux is still not so out of place as we want to say. It’s not UBB’s best season, but you can’t say that UBB matches are disastrous except against Pau.

The English third line Tom Willis came on and he will bring them something in my opinion because they do not have a deep third line since Petti and Lachaise were injured. There was no blood needed and we are told that he really has the stature of this Tom Willis. »

Journalist Vincent Bissonnet analyzes the situation in turn. Extract:

“They could have won against Perpignan as they could have won against Toulouse, against Clermont… But the fact that it didn’t turn out in their favor was not due to chance. Poirot may say that he flattened, but this last possession is miraculous because for me, the Bordelais had lost the match long before by allowing USAP to return to the match and under pressure from the Catalans. Given the workforce placed on the Girondin side, they had the means to avoid such fears. »


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