Booba invites Kaaris to play “Kalash” at his next Paris showcase! (Photo)

Booba would he be making peace with Kaaris ? They are the historical enemies of French rap. They have a CV that is as long as the arm together between their tangle at Orly, their joint prison sentence, and all-out octagon proposals. The clash of the two men has fueled rap news for years. Booba did he try to make peace?

September 11, Booba will be in showcase at Paris. if this date has become crucial it is undoubtedly because Sadek (currently in clash with Booba) tries to cancel the rapper’s showcase. He promises to unleash the flames of hell this September 11 on Twitter Like on Instagram. A similar incident involving a certain Bassem had already prevented a showcase from Booba.

In story on Piraterie Music, Booba invited Kaaris to come to interpret the title ” Kalash »Featuring with him at the showcase. At the moment, no one knows if it’s ironic or not (really?). But anyway Kaaris shared the story. This September 11 is an important date in the ” Rap Game« .

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