Bonus Washing Machines, an unmissable half price: how the incentive works

The Washing Machine Bonus will allow you to purchase an appliance at half price. Unmissable opportunity, we know all the details better.


Inside the Bonus Furniture and Appliances we find an opportunity to save to be evaluated carefully. The Government measure offers the option of paying half the price for a new washing machine as well as a washer dryer. The incentive is offered in the form of tax deduction of 50% on the expenditure made to purchase the appliance. Of course, there are conditions and requirements to be met in order to take advantage of the Bonus. Let’s find out what they are in order not to miss an important opportunity.

Half-price washing machines with the Furniture and Appliances Bonus

The Government has devised the Furniture and Appliances Bonus to allow a considerable saving to property owners who have decided to renovate the property. Within the measure we find, therefore, the possibility to buy washing machines and washer-dryers by taking advantage of a 50% advantage.

The expense, in fact, can be deducted by 50% in order to obtain reimbursement in ten annual installments. The maximum amount to be deducted is of 16 thousand euros for the entire housing unit. As for the purchase of the washing machine, for example, if the expense turns out to be 700 euros, the maximum deduction will be of 350 euros or half. The distribution will, as already mentioned, be spread over ten years.

Conditions of access to the measure

In order to request the bonus for the purchase of the washing machine, the shopping must be carried out after the start date of the works renovation of the property. There energy class of the appliance must be A + or later and the transport and assembly costs are also included in the deduction.

Access to the measure, then, is conditioned by the payment method used. Specifically, to obtain the 50% deduction it will be necessary to have paid the washing machine with traceable methods such as ATMs, credit or debit cards e wire transfer. If the bank transfer is used, it will be necessary to indicate the VAT number or the fiscal Code of the recipient within the reason and the tax code of the person benefiting from the deduction.

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Here are the admissible interventions

The deduction for the expense of the washing machine or washer-dryer must be included among the interventions provided for by the Bonus in relation to the extraordinary renovation. The works included are those intended for the restoration and conservative rehabilitation, the reconstruction or restoration of a building damaged by calamitous events and the renovation of a apartment or villa or attic.


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