Bonus March 2022 | What are the benefit amounts and requirements?

The Permanent Family Contribution (ex Bono Marzo) It is a monetary contribution, readjustable in February of each year, which is delivered to the lowest-income families in the country. It is not an eligible benefit, so various requirements must be met.

The Institute of Social Security is the identity in charge of allocating resources to the most vulnerable families in Chile, that they receive family allowances, Family Subsidy and users of the Ethical Income or Chile Solidario, who have received cash transfers until December 31, 2021.

Below we discuss the amounts and requirements of the Permanent Family Contribution 2022.

What is the amount of the Permanent Family Contribution (former March Bonus)?

The benefit is readjusted each year due to readjustment to the Consumer Price Index so the amounts for this year are as follows:

– People with family assignment or SUF: they receive $52,710.

Families of the Securities and Opportunities Subsystem or Chile Solidario: they receive $52,710 per family.

What are the requirements to access the March Ex Bonus?

It is not necessary to apply for this benefit, you just have to have received some of the following benefits:

– Family Subsidy.

– Solidarity Chile.

– Securities and Opportunities Subsystem (IPS Ethical Income).

– Be pensioners of the Social Security Institute who receive a Family Allowance.

– Being a worker or pensioner from entities other than the IPS that receive a family or Maternal allowance.


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