Bongo Boy Rock n ‘Roll Show Season 6 Ep2 – Tranquility

Season 6 Episode 2 – Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show “Peace” Broadcast on national television through the Bongo Boy TV distribution network. NBCUniversal Comcast and many others. New Jersey – Gar Francis Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 Record Label: Bongo Boy Records Album: Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 Music Video Director: Monique Grimme Ontario, Canada – Survivorman Les Stroud Arctic Mistress Record Tag: Survivorman Music Album: Mother Earth Music Video Director: Les Stroud, Barry Farrell Bologna, Italy – Dos Floris Water Record Label: DyNaMik Records Ltd Album: Widow Earth Music Video Director: Mediamorphose http: // www / Los Angeles, California – Tremble Want To Want Me Record Label: MondoTunes Album: Want To Want Me Music Video Director: Eric Soboleski Posted by Bex, Switzerland – Michael Resin Nothing Is Forever Record Label : Bongo Boy Records Album: Praying For A Miracle Music Video Director: Michael Resin Los Angeles, California – Trevor Wesley In This World feat. Raven Felix Record Label: Piano Boy Productions Album: Chivalry Is Dead Music Video Director: Embryo Parkerist, Colorado – Les Fradkin Reflections Of Love Record Label: Bongo Boy Records Album: Reflection of Love Music Video Director: Monique Grimme Kyla TV Spot – Don’t worry about me – new single.

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