Bolsonaro backs down on threats against institutions

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro marked a marked setback on Thursday in his attacks against State institutions and assured that his recent statements against the Supreme Court were delivered in the “heat of the moment”, in an apology that worsens his image even more ,

“My words, sometimes forceful, were spoken in the heat of the moment,” the far-right president said in a written statement.

Bolsonaro on Tuesday redoubled his attacks on the Supreme Federal Court (STF) in front of thousands of followers, who took to the streets to express their support for him on the occasion of Independence Day, which later became a rally to make calls against the institutions from the country.

The president has been facing the Supreme Court for weeks, which opened several investigations against him and his entourage, among other reasons for spreading false information.

“We don’t want a breakup. We don’t want to fight with any power. But (…) we cannot allow a person to put our freedom at risk, ”he said Tuesday, referring to the judge of the court that is handling the case, Alexandre de Moraes.

“Either the head of the STF puts (this judge) in his place, or this power will suffer the consequences that nobody wants,” he added.

Although he gathered some 125,000 people in the main demonstration in Sao Paulo, according to the police, the far-right president fell far short of the “two million” he had hoped to gather.

In an unusual conciliatory tone, Bolsonaro assured in his written statement that he never had “any intention of attacking any power.”

“I reiterate my respect for the institutions of the Republic, the driving forces that help to govern the country,” the president finally said.

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