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Boca had everything under control, but relaxed and lost 1 to 0 with Barcelona in Guayaquil

by drbyos

Boca’s papers flew away. I had a perfectly put together script and the game was in a comfort zone when with a slight breeze Barcelona left him with nothing. After an acceptable first half against a rival who respected him by others, he was friends with the tie ahead of time and ended up defeated.

The goal was scored by Carlos Garcés 17 minutes into the complement, after a good team move. Díaz handled the ball down the middle, opened it for Pineida on the left and the low center was connected by the scorer.

The 1 to 0 achieved by the local team sounds like too much prize in relation to what is displayed on the playing field. But at the same time, a confirmation that the triumph achieved in the debut against Santos in Brazil was no coincidence: the Ecuadorian team has arguments to be excited about advancing to the round of 16. In fact, only a soccer catastrophe could marginalize him from the next instance, having added all the possible points in these first three dates.

As often happens, the bucket of cold water woke up all of Boca. To the team, who went ahead and sought equality, and to Russo, who accelerated two incomes that were falling when they were mature: Tevez and Maroni. As soon as he entered, at 35 minutes the Apache found a ball in the small area that he could not dominate. And a minute later, with a counterattack, Maroni had it. But his shot hit the goalkeeper’s left post.

The game was a good measure for both. In the case of Barcelona, ​​to have a more tangible feeling of how far they can hope to go far in this edition of the Cup, and to show that the great triumph against Santos in Brazil, in the debut, was no coincidence. And it showed two faces: during the first stage it was a timid team, which respected the hexacampeon of America too much. In the complement he became more animated and found the advantage.

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On the side of Boca, the meeting served to consolidate companies (López-Izquierdoz), in order to affirm the ownership of Varela (in Ecuador also standing out although it did not have either Medina or Almendra at its sides) and for give more filming to the great “reinforcement”: Pavón.

It also allowed Russo to draw conclusions from the variants used by the inevitable name rotation that, sooner or later, he would arrive at the Ribera club, either due to physical wear and tear, injuries or Covid-19 infections, as is the case with Andrada.

The development of the game began with the local team retreating into their field, very attentive to what Pavón or Soldano could do on offense. the first 15 minutes a messy, dirty and lacking precision game was seen. Between Boca’s caution to go looking for the goal with attitude and Barcelona’s lack of audacity in approaching Rossi’s area with enthusiasm, in those first minutes everything was reduced to dividing the control of the ball between a crescent in the area and that of in front.

After 20 minutes, Boca was friends with the ball. And from there he began to move it from one side to the other before the gaze of Barcelona, ​​which let it play too much, in an almost expectant role. That if: the game xeneize did not have depth and did not approach Burrai.

Michael Hoyos and Emmanuel Mas in actionMarcos Pin – Pool EFE

In the first stage there were few risk situations. At 3 minutes, Garcés almost intercepted a risky pass from Rossi to Izquierdoz within the area. At 15, a good team move from Barcelona ended Hoyos’ association with Molina and a deep pass to Castillo that Rossi managed to anticipate to ward off danger. At 25 there were a great pass from Varela. The young xeneize midfielder bit her for Capaldo’s surprise entry, well controlled by Burrai. And nothing more.

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At the beginning of the second stage the development did not vary much. But in a distraction at 9 Barcelona was able to score 1 to 0. Jara saved in the mouth of the blue and gold bow. It was a wake-up call that Boca missed. Because the local set smelled blood and there he went. He took the lead on the field of play and just 8 minutes later found the goal. It was a nice collective play managed by Diaz down the middle, who then opened the ball for Pineida on the left. The low center was connected by Carlos Garcés, 17 minutes into the second half.

Coincidence or not, the whole of La Ribera he lost control of the midfield after the departure of one of his young figures: Alan Varela. With him out, Boca was not the same and returns to Buenos Aires empty-handed.

With this result, Barcelona became the only leader of group C with an ideal score (9 units in three dates), followed by Boca (6) and Santos (3), who in the first round beat The Strongest (0) 5-0 in Brazil.

Next week, Xeneize will visit the Brazilian team aware that another stumble like the one at night on Ecuadorian soil it can complicate a way to the round of 16 that until halftime of the game with Barcelona seemed leveled.

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