BoA pays tribute to her older brother, Kwon Soon-wook… “My best friend, wait for me in a painless place”

▲Boa (left) and the late director Kwon Soon-wook (Source=Boa SNS)

Singer Boa said her final goodbyes to her older brother and music video director Kwon Soon-wook.

On the 7th, BoA posted on her Instagram, “My older brother and my best friend Soonwook oppa. Thank you so much for being born as my older brother.”

Previously, director Kwon Soon-wook announced in May that he had stage 4 peritoneal cancer and continued his battle with the disease. Until recently, he showed his will to live and communicated through SNS, but he died on the 5th. age 39.

In response, her younger brother Boa said, “Our last conversation was ‘I love you’, but thank you for leaving me warm words.”

▲The late director Kwon Soon-wook (Source = BoA SNS)

▲The late director Kwon Soon-wook (Source = BoA SNS)

He also expressed his affection, saying, “Forget all the hard times and protect me and my family in a place where there is no pain now.”

He made his debut with the music video for the late Poppin Hyeonjun’s ‘Sazahoo’ and produced a number of music videos for Girls’ Day’s ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and Mamabu’s ‘Piano Man’. He is also famous as Boa’s second older brother, and has also produced a music video for BoA’s ‘One Way On’.

Meanwhile, the funeral ceremony of the deceased was held at the funeral hall of Asan Hospital in Seoul at 6:40 a.m. on the same day.


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