Blueprint for the most dangerous marketing discipline

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Rosie the Riveter – one of the most famous advertising/propaganda posters aimed to get US women excited about the defense industry during World War II and became a catalyst for feminism in the process. When a salad dressing tries to convey similarly weighty messages, things quickly go haywire.

08/10/2022 – How to do it: If you show attitude, you make yourself vulnerable, if you don’t, you’re a coward. Purpose marketing is dangerous and at the same time indispensable in 2022. This is how it works.

The iBusiness action matrix shows how long-term the presented tasks have to be tackled.


Today it is hardly possible for brands NOT to show any colors – nevertheless, every ‘purpose’ has to be precisely planned, tested and repeatedly negotiated in dialogue with the users.

It’s always said that nothing is worse than well intentioned, but of course that’s utter nonsense. At least two things are worse than well intentioned:
1. Badly meant. and
2. Feigned well intentioned – also known as bad purpose marketing.

Purpose marketing seems important: consumers beyond 45 prefer brands that are neutral on social issues. According to a study, however, the attitude of companies is more important to younger generations. This generation gap shows a representative Study to the website of this company Relation Browser
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