Blood donations down: only eight days of stock in reserve

It is not yet the shortage. But the blood reserves are at their lowest: 80,000 doses, where it would take 100,000. The health crisis has happened there. She dried up blood donations, especially from young people and in companies. There is an urgent need to replenish stocks, explains Bruno Danic, director of the French Blood Establishment in Brittany. Maintenance.

You are sounding the alarm bell this fall, why?

We currently have an increase in our red blood cell requirements of 4%, yet blood donations are down 5%. All blood groups combined, we have 80,000 doses in stock nationwide. But our daily need is 10,000 doses, which gives us eight days of reserves. For some rarer groups, such as group O, the universal donor group that is used urgently when we do not know a person’s blood type, or in maternity, it is even six days.

Where does the problem come from ?

For eighteen months, we have been in constant tension. During the confinements, the donors remained caulked at home. With teleworking, collections in companies, in high schools and on campuses, which represent 20% of donations, have been suspended. The summer was also difficult, since we were understaffed, the healthcare professionals being mobilized on vaccination. Even today, we have 200 vacant positions at the French Blood Establishment (EFS). We need to prime the pump and find new donors.

Who can give and how?

You can donate blood from the day you turn 18 until the day before you turn 71. For that, it suffices to make an appointment on the EFS website (by typing “blood donation” on a search engine) by entering your postal code, or directly from the nearest donation house; they are open from Monday to Saturday.


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