Blood donation urgently ahead of Christmas

The Castilla y León Hemotherapy and Hemodonation Center has urged the donation of blood from all groups, and especially from A positive, in the face of Christmas, and in order to maintain the reserves that are needed for health activity, that have gone down in recent days.

Anyone, whether they are donors or not, can go to the fixed donation points and collections that are organized in the province in the near future.

From the Ministry of Health it has been recalled that we are entering a time in which less is normally donated due to the displacements typical of these days, together with the winter season, and the increase in pathologies related to cold and the increase in Covid cases.

Through its website, the Hemotherapy center urges that blood from group A positive be specially donated, and that it be donated in the “next days” of zero positive and negative and A negative; and for the rest of the groups it is proposed that the donation be made in the usual way.

To cover the blood needs of the Community health complexes, an average of 450 donations a day are needed, whether or not it is a school day. Anyone of legal age, weighing at least 50 kilos and in good health can donate. They must carry the DNI or identification card with a photo and not go fasting.

A single blood donation can save up to four lives and every day 75 people are saved in Spain thanks to transfusions.

The Ministry has stressed that donation is a safe healthcare activity, for which all measures have been adopted to protect the safety of donors and professionals against Covid.


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