One of the purposes of the so-called Anti-Blockade Law is to further reduce labor rights. Guarantee to potential investors better conditions to more easily exploit workers.

According to said law, its rules prevail over special laws even though they are organic laws. In such a way, also establishes the possibility of de-applying rules. In this context, it is possible to de-apply the rules of the Organic Labor Law which would affect the exercise of freedom of association, hindering the work of unions and prohibiting strikes and other forms of enforceability of rights. Everything regarding the hiring of personnel may undergo a process of flexibility such that it does not guarantee any stability at work.

Already in some of the called Special Economic Zones, it is established that a regime may be established special and extraordinary hiring of personnel. Trade unionists know that language very well, which translates into contracts without stability and with few benefits.

Nothing good awaits workers in the country if State companies are privatized with the disengagement of regulations that protect workers today. Although the facts are already blurred, this would mean continuing to lose claims.

The so-called “workers” government became a nightmare for the workers. And with the purpose of attracting investors, it will seek to guarantee the lowest cost in labor matters.

The experience, of almost two decades, indicates that for his purposes he will use some pro-dictatorship trade unionists who will come out to justify the anti-worker measures.

Already before the Law of Comprehensive Regionalization for Socio-productive Development of 2014 they kept silent. Your Article 56 establishes that no particular interest, union, union, institutional of associations or groups, or their regulations, will prevail over the collective interest for the planning and execution of urban equipment and the actions required for the fulfillment of the purposes of this Decree with Rank, Value and Force of Law. That the claims or defenses made by the trade union organizations are subject to a so-called collective interest: the interests of the State.

The secrecy that is imposed in the law will also affect labor rights. In particular regarding the utilities and the working conditions and environment.

The Organic Labor Law establishes that “the minimum net benefits that the company must distribute among its workers is 15% of the liquid benefits that they will have obtained at the end of their annual exercise.” The Anti-Blockage Law will serve to justify that companies are not obliged to report on the sum of the enrichments net taxable and those exempted according to the Income Tax Law, which is what allows establishing those liquid benefits of the company.

The law, by prohibiting the dissemination of some information on measures that have been adopted in application of the law, will affect the exercise of social control by workers. And this is directly related to the working conditions and environment. How to guarantee, among other aspects, that workers have the right to participate in the surveillance, improvement and control of working conditions and environment, in the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases. This implies knowing the plans that the company draws up in this regard and how to implement them.

The Venezuelan trade union movement has the challenge of staying vigilant, denouncing and opposing everything that is implemented with the Anti-Blockade Law and that deteriorates the already deteriorated labor rights, in addition, that working conditions are aggravated.


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