Blick Kick: GC CEO Berisha on the turmoil in China

Jimmy Berisha, GC have lost their glamor as a posh club in recent years. Now they’re just the Wolverhampton farm team.
Jimmy Berisha: No, we are an innovative company. We have a partnership with a Premier League club – not many clubs in Switzerland can say that. We benefit incredibly from Wolverhampton’s resources. We could never pay some players otherwise.

Toti Gomes and Hayao Kawabe are just two players you never know if they’re there or not. Isn’t that a terrible situation for coach Giorgio Contini?
As I said, it’s an innovation. We have internationalized the whole thing. Toti trained in England in the summer and then came to us. It’s different with Kawabe. We signed him six months ago and have now been able to sell him to Wolverhampton. Everything went right there.


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