Blasphemous 2, video shows the first 16 minutes of the game between boss fight and exploration

Blasphemous 2, video shows the first 16 minutes of the game between boss fight and exploration

IGN USA has released a new video dedicated to Blasphemous 2, The Game Kitchen’s metroidvania coming August 24, 2023 to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The video shows the first sixteen minutes about the adventure.

In the video we see the initial phase in which the Penitent – the character controlled by the player – choose a weapon from the three available: in the video the powerful but slow Veredicto censer is chosen. Next we see the first boss fight of Blasphemous 2. It is a simple opponent, who uses a spiked wheel that he throws and draws towards himself to hit.

Blasphemous 2, il gameplay

Blasphemous 2 features three different weapons

In the video we can later see that the Penitent sets out to explore. verdict it has some unique abilities, such as the ability to generate more Fervor (basically magic points) and activate a fire effect on the weapon that increases its damage.

In the first area explored in the Blasphemous 2 video we see various types of enemies. The Penitent can avoid blows by sliding past them, jumping or – if he had access to other weapons – with a parry and counterattackability not present with Veredicto.

Finally, the video shows us the City of the Blessed Namea sort of base from which the player can unlock upgrades – for example through the Sculptor we see in the video – or reach various other areas.

Finally, we leave you with the trailer presents Ruego al Alba, one of the three weapons of the game.

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