Black box crashed aircraft found in Indonesia

The “black box” of the plane crashed in Indonesia was found –

Planes crashed in Indonesia

Divers have managed to lift the “black box” of the Indonesian passenger plane that crashed on Saturday from the seabed, local media reported on Tuesday.

It is currently unclear whether a flight data recorder or a cockpit data recorder, or both, has been found, reports Kompas TV channel.

Sriwijaya Air’s crew did not report an accident or technical problems before landing, the investigator said on Monday.

Authorities have not yet found an explanation for why the 26-year-old Boeing 737-500 crashed with 62 people four minutes after taking off from Jakarta on the way to Pontianak on Borneo Island.

Nothing unusual was found in the aircraft’s communication with the air traffic controllers, and the pilots did not contact the air traffic controllers when the aircraft rapidly lost altitude and sank in the Java Sea.

Preliminary data suggest that the aircraft was most likely intact before it crashed into the sea.

Local media reported that the captain of the plane was an experienced pilot who had previously worked in the Indonesian Air Force.

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Aircraft wreckage was found at a depth of about 23 meters in the sea.

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