Birkenfeld municipal council wants to raise objections to B 26n

The citizens’ representatives met in the festival hall in Billingshausen for the council meeting. When creating offices for the Evangelical Lutheran parish in Billingshausen, Joachim Laupenmhlen from the Wrzburg dean’s office first gave information about the idea of ​​a common parish center for the church and political community in the old town hall in Billingshausen. In the presence of Pastor Betschinske, he proposed to work out a concept including an energetic renovation and with a view to barrier-free access. The local council agreed with the proposal. The Evangelical Lutheran Regional Church commissions an architect to create a usage concept.

The municipal councils unanimously agreed to raise objections to the construction of the B 26n in the current plan approval procedure of Section 1, in particular with regard to the subordinate district and state road network. The municipal council is also of the opinion that the human being, including human health, is not considered and examined in relation to the increasing traffic in the Birkenfeld and Billingshausen thoroughfares.

Pavement construction costs approved

Mayor Achim Mller announced two decisions from a closed session. The BRS engineering office was awarded the contract to plan the pavement extension with the restoration of retaining walls in Billingshuser Strasse. In addition, the committee discussed the next steps for the pavement expansion and approved the draft plans and the cost calculation of 78,720 euros. The measure is to be implemented in the spring of 2022 at the same time as possible with the expansion of the through-town in Billingshausen. The authorization to conclude a public-law contract with the central respiratory protection workshop in Wertheim was also granted.

No objections were raised against the building applications for the construction of a new single-family house with a garage, Am Kirchberg 17, as well as the extension and heightening of the existing house and the extension of a balcony, Birkenweg 5, and the agreement was granted. The building application for the construction of a washing area and a gas station at the building yard, Neubaustrae 20, was also approved. After a lively discussion, the committee approved a proposal from the Catholic parish for the renewal of the control unit on the church clock for 1559 euros with eight votes in favor and assumed two thirds of the costs. It was also decided to subsidize the procurement of fire fighting boots uniformly with 100 euros in the future.

Status of the community building project

The architecture firm BMA from Rothenfels plans to present the first drafts for the “Am Grndlein II” building area in a short time. The lower nature conservation authority wants the field birds to be counted, so that the implementation of the development plan could be delayed by half a year. In the implementation of the “Am Berg” development plan in Billingshausen, the preparatory work for road construction is underway. It is questionable whether the new feeder can be built at the same time as the passage through town.

The start date for the renovation of the drinking water well at Katzenstein was postponed again by the drilling company. Mller also informed that the residents in the Hinterdorf in Billingshausen were provided with sandbags as a first measure. This was filled by the children’s fire brigade. In the new development areas, garbage bags are to be made available to the residents for the falling leaves of the community trees. The building yard will then collect and dispose of these bags.

Finally, the municipal council discussed the amendment of the municipality’s rules of procedure as well as the amendment of the statutes to regulate questions of local municipal constitutional law. This was necessary because it had been decided to set up a committee to implement the internal development.


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