Biontech was vaccinated most frequently – District Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald

Balance of the district vaccination center.

(Max). The effectiveness of corona vaccines is currently being discussed. The main focus is on those of Johnson and Johnson. The Standing Vaccination Commission described it as insufficient, even if a final assessment is still pending. Therefore, people who have been given this vaccine may need to receive another vaccination with a different vaccine. The question arises, which vaccine did the people in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district receive?

The district office has an overview of the now closed district vaccination center in Mllheim and the mobile vaccination teams sent from there. The office has no overview of the entire district population – the citizens could also pick up their Piks at other district vaccination centers or at the central vaccination center in Freiburg or from their family doctor.

The district vaccination center in Mllheim and the mobile vaccination teams administered 74,660 vaccine doses. With a little more than 70 percent, the majority comes from Biontech: 53 806 cans. Astrazeneca was vaccinated the second most frequently: 16,966 cans. In third place is Johnson and Johnson, who received the vaccine 2769 people. Moderna was administered the least: 1119 vaccine doses.


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