Biontech: Study causes astonishment – researchers warn against a fallacy


Biontech: New study on protection – researchers send appeal

Start of booster vaccinations: Debate about vaccination booster

Start of booster vaccinations: Debate about vaccination booster

The booster vaccinations should start in September. The third vaccination is already being administered in Israel. The booster vaccination triggers discussions around the world.

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According to a new study from Israel, those who have recovered are better protected against the coronavirus than people who have been vaccinated with Biontech.


  • According to a new study from Israel, people who have been vaccinated are probably not as well protected against Covid-19 as those who have recovered
  • Researchers warn against wrong conclusions because of the surprising result
  • This is exactly what the new study from Israel says about the protection of the Biontech vaccination

A study out Israel shows for the first time that protection against infection with the Delta variant after a previous one Coronavirus-Infection could be higher than from one vaccination with the vaccine from Biontech.

The researchers compared for what they said was largest study of this kind the data of tens of thousands of health insurance members of the second largest health insurance company in Israel.

Study compares Biontech protection with those who have recovered

First, the researchers compared the data of corona convalescents in January or February with Sars-CoV-2 infected with the data from people who were vaccinated during the same period and had not been infected before. The experts analyzed how many infections there were from the beginning of June to mid-August – the delta variant was already spreading in Israel during this period.

According to the study, 257 people were infected with the coronavirus between the beginning of June and mid-August. Only 19 people were recovered – a small fraction of them 238 vaccinatedwho got infected again. 199 people developed symptoms – only eight of which were recovered.

Study: Natural immunity is the best protection

As a result, people who have been vaccinated twice have a six to 13 times higher risk of being infected than those who have recovered. the Danger, Symptoms The authors from the Research & Innovation Center of Maccabi Healthcare Services report that vaccinated people 27 times higher and the risk of hospitalization is eight times higher

“The differences are huge. […] As far as I know, this is the first time this has been shown in connection with Covid-19, “said Charlotte Thålin from Danderyd Hospital and the Karolinska Institute in the journal Science. The results would prove that the natural immunity could outperform vaccinations.

In a further step, researchers found that natural immunity also declines over the course of several months. However, according to the study, even those who had recovered who were infected sometime in 2020 were better protected than those who were vaccinated.

Despite protection through immunity: the dangers of infections should not be underestimated

But even if the study shows how strong the human immune system is, scientists warn against taking this as an argument to intentionally become infected with corona. According to data from the UK, there is a risk of Covid 19 infection hospital to have to be admitted by the Delta-Version doubled.

Of the possible life-threatening disease processes and the stresses on the health system aside, the danger is on Long Covid to get sick, too high.

Marion Pepper, an immunologist at the University of Washington, told the magazine “Science”that the study does not show what a Covid-19 disease is body do to achieve natural immunity at all.

Booster vaccination: Karl Lauterbach on Biontech protection

The study also examined whether those who have recovered benefit from an additional vaccination against the coronavirus. The result: an additional vaccination resulted in a 0.53-fold lower risk of further infection.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach concluded from the results that a particularly high vaccination rate plus Booster vaccinations for the elderly and Sick is necessary.

The study only exists as a Preprint. This means that it has not yet been reviewed by experts and is not yet in one Trade journal appeared. (fmg)



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