BionTech share – a bet on mRNA technology

BionTech share – company and business model

BionTech is a biotechnology company specializing in personalized immunotherapies and vaccines based on messenger ribonucleic acid or messenger RNA or mRNA technology for short.

The company was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters in Mainz. The company BionTech usually develops its active ingredients together with partners.

The main focus is on cancer immunotherapies using either mRNA-based drugs, T-cell vaccines (CARVac), antibodies or immunomodulators.

Vaccines against COVID-19 and influenza are also being developed on the basis of mRNA. On the one hand, sales come from the sale of active ingredients that have already been approved, such as the COVID-19 vaccine tozinameran.

In addition, there are collaborations with pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, from which BionTech receives part of the profits for research activities or licensing of intellectual property.

BionTech share – trading venue and IPO

The main trading venue for BionTech shares is the US computer stock exchange Nasdaq, on which the shares are traded in the form of American Depositary Shares (ADS) under the ticker symbol BNTX.

When it went public in October 2019, the company raised around $ 150 million. The issue price was $ 15, which is below what was initially expected.

The share price followed an upward trend after the IPO, which accelerated from 2020 when a vaccine against COVID-19 received emergency approval due to urgency.



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