Bike of Time – Trailer Breakdown – Rewind Theater

Amazon Prime has released the first teaser trailer for The Wheel of Time, an adaptation of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series of the same name. Presentation ….


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  1. OMG why would you spoil up to book 6 analising a trailer, this video is literally useless because it has so much wrong stuff and yet filled with unecessary spoiles. This is awful for fans and new people coming to the series

  2. Not only did this not break down the trailor… it incorrectly spoiled most of the season. Ajahs not factions
    Looked to me like Lews Therin holding his ring at the breaking.
    Dragonmount was not created by the breaking… or by insane male Aes Sedi… rather the dragon created it and the breaking was the period during which the male Aes Sedi went insane… details are wrong all over. I'm saddened by this representation.

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