“Big Tu” has continued to live long. Political lesson “3 P.” Secret weapon, Thammanat is not yet sold out!

Let’s breathe a sigh of relief for the supporters. “Big Tu-General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister” Finally, General Prayut continued to sit in the prime minister’s chair. after the prime minister’s fans Uncle Tu had been suffocating for several days with the political turmoil.

“Change horses in the middle of the war – Change the Prime Minister – Overthrow Prayut in the middle of the Council”

with a loud political acclaim 5-6 days before the bombing But in the end, when the underwater wave in the power of the People’s Republic was cleared before the date of the resolution. The result of the resolution of the council’s vote was swept away. General Prayut continued to sit in the prime minister’s chair. Even if the trust score doesn’t come first

Because General Prayut received 264 votes of trust – 208 votes of distrust, found that he received more trust than Suchart Chomklin, the Labor Minister from Pracharat Power, and got the No. 1 vote!

so that the cleaning battle is over. but political traces as seen throughout the period 4-5 days before the resolution Political circles sounded in unison. The laundry battle that has passed as “The ending never ends

After everyone sees clearly, washing this round, politics outside the assembly hall especially within the party “People’s Power” The movement was so intense that at some moments, some movement took away the opposition’s debate scene.

In particular, General Prayut and Thammanat Phromphao, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Secretary-General of the Palang Pracharat Party, the group’s leaders. 4 hours at different places “Open face – discard cards” Let’s come out to see 2-3 days before the vote, the kind that no one gives. Because they are confident in their potential and their own reserves that they are on the control of the game in this round of underwater battles.

in which part of “Thammanat” with news appearing in the media It also shows gestures and signs. Come out as someone who keeps pushing the movement button about the pronunciation of Government MPs both in the Pracharat power and the small parties To pressure General Prayut to adjust the cabinet because the Deputy Minister of Agriculture’s chair is too small for Thammanat. with being the secretary-general of the Palang Pracharat Party government leadership party Therefore, there should be a ministerial chair that is suitable for the face and position in the Pracharat Party, for example: “Minister of the Interior – SUT. 1″ to replace Big Pok, General Anupong Phaochinda

After more than two years, it was found that almost all parties of Palang Pracharat MPs complained in unison. “Embarrassed” with unseen behavior MPs of the People’s Democratic Republic of General Anupong, for example, there was news that many Pracharat MPs had gathered together as ten people to ask to meet General Anupong at the Ministry of Interior. It takes several days to make an appointment. Plus, when I found it, I had to wait for several hours. But in the end, they didn’t talk much, causing almost the entire party of Palang Pracharat MPs to be very dissatisfied. because they think MPs are the important forces that support Big Pok in power as SUT.1 joined for more than two years until the sound of The Pracharath MPs gave a voice to Thammanat saying Being the secretary-general of the Palang Pracharat Party, it must be the Interior Minister to be worthy. When such a call from the group MPs for the power of the People’s Democratic Republic are getting louder and louder. Thus making Thammanat seem to gain more heart in thinking big. To create a more power base for the 4-hour group through the Cabinet adjustments

because before “Santi Prompat, Deputy Minister of Finance – Major Capital Group in the People’s Republic of Power and 1 in a group of 4 hours. It came out strong several times. that he is ready to become the new Khun Klang instead of Pridi Daochai, the former Finance Minister who resigned midway But in the end, General Prayut chose the magic. Add Pittayapaisit to plug it in instead. News that it has caused Santi to lose quite a lot of her life.

from all the above conditions Combined with the age of this council, the remaining years will be elections. If you look at the rhythm of the cabinet adjustments, it is likely that it will happen again, just about 2 times or fully, should not be more than 3 times in the case of the government – the council is in full semester But if the political situation is uncertain, it may be adjusted only once.

Therefore, there is a news flow that comes out all the time. Thammanat Group has to speed up the pace of adjustment. Cabinet to speed up by using the results of the trust vote to negotiate with the news coming out If General Prayut refuses to come down to negotiate, it might “found teaching” Political with the possibility of not continuing in the prime minister’s chair, falling from the Prime Minister in the middle of the House of Representatives, mixed with the news. “Secret deal-special deal” with the opposing government is “Phuea Thai Party“To overthrow Big Tu in the middle of the council Then change the polarity and set up a government together with the Pheu Thai Party. Even if they may meet Dan Hin, Senator 250 votes for the Prime Minister may be blocked, but Thammanat’s side seems confident that if it’s serious, it should be enough to pass.

while “General Prayut” I believe “Backup” own that they are still strong enough to be able to sit on the prime minister’s chair because they are confident that for almost 7 years of being prime minister there is no wound, no corruption and the voice of the people still supported It’s hard to get stabbed in the back in the middle of the council.

Most importantly, Big Tu believes in himself. “Big brother, Big Pom, General Prawit Wongsuwan” very much to control the game in the civil state power to control the political ranks in the power of the People’s Republic until the fist Most importantly, General Prayut does not believe that Big Pom will think big and bring down the younger brother. in hopes of acting as the Prime Minister during vacuum and followed by the Prime Minister an outsider as with a crooked news stream 3 P. Splinter because Big Pom thinks big I want to be prime minister

When both General Prayut and the Thammanat group were both confident in “lap-back-backup-secret weapon” own

On the disadvantage of Gen. Prayut is that he is in a state of “Political Float” because although General Prayut is a candidate for the Prime Minister of the people’s power but has no relationship with MPs in the People’s Democratic Republic Because General Prayut mainly talks through General Prawit alone. It can be said that he distanced himself from the politicians in the People’s Democratic Republic. Therefore, Big Tu can’t buy the hearts of people in the Pracharat power until he lacks important backups in the party. This is a weakness that some groups in the Pracharat power see and try to use to benefit their own side.

so it makes 4-5 days before the resolution The political atmosphere in the people’s power and government is in a smoldering state – hot. No matter how cold the air conditioner at the parliament is, it can’t extinguish the political heat in the Pracharat power. with the news of the collapse of the prime minister in the middle of the parliament Many years of the Pracharath MPs

Before the last, during the day of maturity, before the resolution was “Big Pom – General Prawit” who have to come down to act as a glue-joining hand to defeat the underwater waves in the power of the People’s Republic through the meeting People’s Democratic Party and followed by using “Forest Connection Foundation” which is an important safe house of the 3 P. network. It is a place to clear all problems throughout the afternoon of September 3.

On the political scene that calls for a lot of saucy sound for the political circle to play.

whether that “Big Fort” Defeat all rumors about the dream of becoming Prime Minister instead of Big Tu by insisting “We don’t want to be prime minister. Prime Minister, go, I go.”

Along with the political scene that the media reported that in an appointment to clear the mind at the Royal Forest Foundation, where the brothers 3 years old “Pom-Pok-Prayut” together with Thammanat Phromphao, together with dozens of MPs of the National Democratic Party.

The content of the meeting was concluded that Thammanat raised his hand and apologized to General Prayut. and insisted on not moving the sound lobby. The government’s MPs voted against General Prayut in any way. but informed General Prayut that MPs in the Pracharath powerhouse want the prime minister Increase closer to the MPs in order to help solve problems in the constituencies This will reduce the gap between the Prime Minister and the MPs in the Pracharat power.

until the end of both “Big Tu, Prime Minister and Big Pok, SUT. 1″ so have to mouth “I will adapt – whatever it is, let it be and go.

emphasizing Even though the laundry battle is over But it’s an unending ending. What you need to follow after this is attitudes and political stance of “3 years” Especially Big Tu – Big Pok both within the government and in the public power It probably won’t be the same. because of the outcry caused by people in the People’s Republic of Power this round is a political signal from MPs for the Pracharath power that Both of them will be dressed in the style of the era. NCPO can no longer

At the same time, the role of Thammanat and the group 4 hrs. In the power of civil state from now on how to move forward because of what happened over the past few days Even in the end, Thammanat seemed to be willing to squat politically. But it is undeniable that this move has made General Prayut less focused on politicians in the Pracharat power for more than two years. agitated Afraid to leave the Prime Minister in the middle of the council until having to come down to negotiate with Thammanat and People’s Democratic Party Along with vowing to adjust the political stance after this

The result is undeniable that It was a political shake-up game in the government that was fairly effective for Thammanat. with the exchanging in this time

The next political scene to watch is the next round of cabinet adjustments that, if adjusted, Thammanat and the Pracharat power network were not as desired. A new round of political bullying has the right to happen.

because obviously There are many secret political weapons on Thammanat’s lap. and ready to be released at an important moment on the mind game Missing walking again may roll the mat, destroy the whole party.!.


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