Biden’s State of the Union Address, emphasizing achievements such as the economy… Republican Response Speech “The Biden Administration, Kidnapped by the Radical Left”

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Host) What news do you have today?

Reporter) President Joe Biden emphasized the achievements made over the past two years, such as economic growth and various legislation, in his State of the Union Address. On the other hand, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who gave a Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union address, criticized the Biden administration for being kidnapped by radical leftists.

Host) America Now, this is the first news. President Biden gave his second State of the Union address after taking office on the night of the 7th, right?

Reporter) Yes. President Biden explained domestic policy, such as the US economic situation, and foreign policy, such as the war in Ukraine and relations with China, in a State of the Union address at a joint meeting of the House and Senate on the night of the 7th. Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy sat side by side in the chairman’s seat to listen to President Biden’s State of the Union address, which lasted about an hour and 20 minutes. Members of the federal senators, federal justices, key cabinet members, and some outsiders were also invited to watch President Biden’s State of the Union address.

Moderator) What was the main topic in President Biden’s State of the Union address this time?

Reporter) The first thing President Biden mentioned was economic growth. President Biden, who started his speech by saying, “The United States is a story of progress and recovery,” said that the US economy has suffered many difficulties over the past two years, but the US has always progressed and never given up. He emphasized that the Biden administration’s economic plan to revive the middle class, achieve bottom-up economic growth, and build an economy for all is paying off. Let’s listen to President Biden’s voice directly.

[녹취: 조 바이든 대통령] “We’ve already created 800,000 good-paying manufacturing jobs, the fastest growth in 40 years…”

Reporter) “The United States has already created 800,000 well-paying manufacturing jobs, the fastest growth in 40 years.” President Biden went on to say that for too long America has been importing goods and exporting jobs, but now it is exporting American goods and creating American jobs.

Moderator) Isn’t high inflation the current top economic issue in the US?

Reporter) That’s right. President Biden revealed that inflation has increased as supply chains were disrupted due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the novel coronavirus pandemic, but inflation is now coming down in the United States. He then emphasized that “the supply chain for the United States must start in the United States,” and that infrastructure and social infrastructure are what is needed for this. President Biden said that the infrastructure of the United States, which was number 1 in the world, has now fallen to the level of 13th in the world, but the bipartisan ‘infrastructure bill’ has been passed and is rebuilding the infrastructure of the United States.

Moderator) What else did President Biden say about the economy?

Reporter) President Biden also emphasized the need to foster the US semiconductor industry.

[녹취: 조 바이든 대통령] “America used to make nearly 40% of the world’s chips. But in the last few decades, we lost our edge and we’re down to producing only 10%…”

Reporter) President Biden said that the country that invented the semiconductor was the United States, and that the United States produced nearly 40% of the world’s electronic chips, but over the past few decades it has lost its edge and its manufacturing capacity has been reduced to 10%. President Biden then mentioned that the United States suffered great difficulties as overseas semiconductor factories were closed during the pandemic. But he explained, “I can’t let this happen again,” and “this is why we passed the ‘Semiconductor Science Act’ on a bipartisan basis.”

Moderator) What did you talk about overseas issues?

Reporter) President Biden made it clear that he was “seeking competition, not conflict” with China. President Biden then explained that government-level efforts are being made to win the competition with China.

[녹취: 조 바이든 대통령] “Today, we’re in the strongest position in decades to compete with China or anyone else in the world…”

Reporter) President Biden said, “Today we are in the strongest position in competition with China or anyone else in the world in decades.” President Biden went on to say that the United States will cooperate with China in areas that benefit the United States and the world, but “if China threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our country, and we have already done so.” Although the United States did not directly comment on the downing of a Chinese reconnaissance balloon that infiltrated the US mainland last week, it was clear that the US would not stand by and watch the Chinese threat.

Moderator) Last year, in President Biden’s first State of the Union address, the main topic was the war in Ukraine, right? Of course, there must have been a mention of this in this State of the Union Address, right?

Reporter) That’s right. President Biden repeatedly emphasized the importance of defending Ukraine from Russian invasion. At the same time, he emphasized that the United States will defend Ukraine and is actually doing so. In particular, President Biden promised Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova, who was invited to the State of the Union address, “No matter how long it takes, the United States will support Ukraine.”

Moderator) What other topics were raised in the State of the Union address today?

Reporter) President Biden mentioned the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ passed by Congress last year. He emphasized that the passage of this law would lower health care costs. He said he would significantly reduce the burden on diabetics who need insulin by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and he would strengthen Medicaid’s powers, the national health insurance for low-income people, to stop the tyranny of big drug companies. In particular, President Biden said that the Inflation Reduction Act would also help cope with climate change, creating jobs through clean energy, and increasing support for electric vehicles. He also urged Congress to pass a wealth tax increase bill that would require a fair burden on large corporations, saying the current tax laws in the United States are not fair.

Moderator) Did you mention the national debt ceiling, which is currently struggling to negotiate with Congress?

Reporter) Yes. President Biden demanded that the Republican Party raise the debt ceiling so that the international credit of the United States is not shaken. In a speech, President Biden said, “Some Republican lawmakers are demanding government spending cuts in exchange for an increase in the debt ceiling, and they want a sunset system for the social security system and Medicare, the national health insurance for the elderly.” Then Republican lawmakers even booed, saying ‘No’. In response, President Biden appealed for the two parties to work together for the elderly. In addition, President Biden also mentioned abortion rights legislation, gun control, and police reform.

Moderator) Were there any guests invited to the State of the Union Address?

Reporter) Yes, the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States mentioned earlier was invited to give a state of the art speech for the second year in a row following last year. Also present were the parents of Tyrie Nichols, a black man who was beaten to death by police officers in January. President Biden urged Congress to review the police reform bill in the wake of Mr. Nichols’ death. In addition, President Biden introduced the parents of a 3-year-old girl suffering from rare cancer while promoting the so-called’Moonshot’ program, which aims to reduce cancer mortality by at least 50% over the next 25 years.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is giving a speech in response to the Republican Party’s State of the Union address by President Joe Biden on the 7th.

Host) America Now, this time, let’s take a look at the opposition party’s rebuttal speech to the President’s State of the Union Address. Who was the response speaker on the Republican side?

Reporter) Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the governor of Arkansas, delivered a Republican response speech. Sanders criticized President Biden for his failed economic policies, saying, “President Biden and the Democrats have disappointed the American people,” from out-of-control inflation and violent crime to border crises and threats from China.

Moderator) Shall we listen to more of Sanders’ speech?

Reporter) Gov. Sanders, now the youngest governor in the United States at 40 this year, said he would respond to the State of the Union address of the oldest president in US history, at 80 this year. He then criticized the Biden administration’s policies for endangering people’s hard-earned money, emptying grocery store shelves, and teaching children not to love our country, claiming that the Biden administration has been completely hijacked by the radical left.

[녹취: 새라 허커비 샌더스 아칸소 주지사] “The dividing line is no longer between right or left. The choice is between normal or crazy.”

“The border in America is no longer between the right and the left,” Sanders said. The choice is either sane or crazy,” he said, emphasizing that it is time for a new generation of Republican leadership.

Moderator) Governor Sanders is arguing that Republicans should lead America, right?

Reporter) That’s right. Sanders said the southern border has become the most dangerous in US history and policy toward China and others is weak, even as President Biden piles up trillions of dollars in reckless spending and national debt. At the same time, Republicans, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Senate Republicans, said they would hold the Biden administration accountable.

[녹취: 새라 허커비 샌더스 아칸소 주지사]
“America is great because we are free. But today, our freedom is under attack. It’s time for a change. A New Generation of Republican leaders is stepping up.”

Reporter: America is great because we have freedom, but today our freedom is under attack. So it’s time for change, and it’s time for new Republican leadership to step in, Sanders reiterated.

Moderator) Didn’t Governor Sanders, who served as a Republican counter-speaker, work in the previous administration?

Reporter) That’s right. Governor Sanders made his name known nationally as the White House spokesman for former President Donald Trump. In 2019, she stepped down as White House spokeswoman, and Gov. Sanders’ father, former Gov. Mike Huckabee, also served as governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007. Thus, her father and daughter also have a record of being elected governors in the same state.

Host) Why was Governor Sanders chosen as the response speaker?

Reporter) Previously, House Speaker McCarthy and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell announced Governor Sanders, a 40-year-old young woman, as the next-generation representative of the Republican Party as a response speaker. Gov. Sanders released her statement at the time and said she was “ready to open a new chapter in American history.”

Moderator) We even looked at the contents of the response speeches of President Biden and Governor Sanders. What is the reaction to President Biden’s State of the Union address this time?

Reporter) Previously, experts said that President Biden, who is considering a re-election challenge, needs to show vitality and energy in this State of the Union address to change the public perception that he is “too old.” Professor Jeremy Suri of the University of Texas evaluated VOA that this speech by President Biden deserves to be called the ‘best speech’ for President Biden. He conveyed his achievements and agenda in a reasonable and moderate way. However, most Republican lawmakers reacted negatively, saying that the public would have been disappointed with President Biden’s speech.

Host) America Now, I will listen to this far for today.


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