Biden visits New Jersey and New York on the 7th after ‘Ida bang’ Louisiana

U.S. President Joe Biden visits Louisiana to help people affected by Hurricane Ida on March 3, 2019. © Reuters=News1 © News1

U.S. President Joe Biden will visit New Jersey and New York on the 7th (local time) to investigate the damage caused by Hurricane Ida.

According to the US political media ‘The Hill’ on the 4th (local time), President Biden visited Manville, New Jersey, and Queens, New York, on the 3rd, damaged by Ida, which hit the northeast of the United States on the night of the 1st. will do

This is a follow-up visit to Louisiana, which suffered tremendous damage from Ida on the 3rd.

President Biden had a conversation with New York Governor Kathy Hochell and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on the 2nd. All of these governors declared a state of emergency after heavy rains caused severe flooding that shut down New York City’s subway system and disrupted operations at Newark Liberty International Airport.

The number of deaths from hurricanes is increasing over time, with at least 12 deaths in Louisiana and at least 49 people in New York and New Jersey.

President Biden visited the site of a disaster in Louisiana on March 3, where hundreds of thousands of residents still have no electricity.

During his visit to Louisiana, President Biden urged energy companies to quickly restore power for residents, and repeatedly called on private insurance companies to assist those who voluntarily evacuate their homes.

Earlier this week, President Biden called on private insurers to help, following reports that some private insurers could deny assistance unless homeowners have been ordered to evacuate.

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