BFU awarded Grisha Ganchev, and Litex celebrated

Grisha Ganchev received an award on behalf of the President of the Bulgarian Football Union for his contribution to the development of Bulgarian football. This happened on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Litex and the beginning of organized football in Lovech. The celebration of the centenary was organized by the fan formation “Ultras Litex”, with the support of the municipality of Lovech and PFC Litex, and legends from several generations of the club arrived for the event, including Hristo Danchev, Plamen Linkov, Georgi Kolarov, Petar Hubchev, Ferrario Spasov, Emil Tsanev and others from the time of Osam and LEX.

The celebration was also attended by Radostin Kishishev, Vitomir Vutov, Rosen Kirilov, Zhivko Zhelev, Zlatomir Zagorcic, Nebojsa Jelenkovic, Altin Hadji, Marian Todorov and others from the era of “Litex”, which brought the greatest successes of football in the city. Boncho Genchev, who started his football career in Lovech, and Angel Chervenkov, who led Litex to one of the team’s four titles, were also at the event.

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On the occasion of the anniversary, the organizers presented the first part of a film about football in Lovech, and fans could take pictures with the trophies that have been won over the years – the four championship titles (1997/98, 1998/99, 2009/10, 2010/11), the four cups of Bulgaria (2001, 2004, 2008 and 2009), the country’s super cup and all the others.

The mayor of Lovech Cornelia Marinova and the management of Litex awarded honorary plaques to football figures, coaches and football players who have appeared over the years. On behalf of the zonal council of BFU-Veliko Tarnovo Boncho Genchev awarded PFC Litex.

On the occasion of the holiday there was a demonstration match between the current team of Litex and legends, led by the most successful Lovech coach Ferrario Spasov and Angel Chervenkov. Almost all the legends who respected the holiday joined the national team, and the match ended 1: 1 in the regular time. Zhivko Zhelev opened for the legends in the second minute, and after the break Martin Dimitrov equalized. At the very end of the match, the long-time captain of Litex Nebojsa Jelenkovic missed a penalty for the national team. The legends won 3: 2 after penalties. The goals were scored by Radostin Kishishev, Zhivko Zhelev and the goalkeeper Vitomir Vutov, who scored the winning penalty.


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