beware of terrorism Warning from Japan Keeping an eye on the ISIS network, the revival of the 9/11 incident

The alert came on Sept. 12, following the anniversary of 9/11, a suicide terrorism hijacking of the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Central New York City, United States on September 11, 2544, while many countries in ASEAN They said there was no credible information to suggest an incident. And did not receive details from Japan on the origin of the information.

Almost 4 days have passed. There has been a trend in the world of Twitter on Sept. 16 until the hashtag #kamikaze terrorism. up trending It is claimed that the relevant agencies and the Thai media are silent on the matter. and want everyone to be very careful Do not go out to risk areas

Previously, Thai media has presented such issues with information from the Special Branch Confirm that it’s a cycle notification. There is no indication that there will be terrorism. and no special surveillance which the National Police Ask people not to worry and live a normal life.

Terrorism has not disappeared from the world. Extreme concepts are still there.

“Dr. Bundit Arman” Institute of Asian Studies Chulalongkorn University views that Japan has a national intelligence agency. To warn against terrorism in ASEAN It is something that should not be underestimated. Better to regret later Because this Sept. It is a place of remembrance of 9/11 and the COVID situation. In Southeast Asia is recovering, so there is a possibility. And there is a high risk that ISIS or Islamic State group Will return to show identity and connection in showing symbols connected to 9/11, which should be careful if not careful and it actually happened. the intelligence agency have to take responsibility because it worsens the economy And how will Thailand open the country? The more the consequences

Moreover, the trend of terrorism remains. has not disappeared from the current world situation because of ISIS which has a center in the Middle East especially Iraq extreme distorting the principles of Islam Efforts were established to bring together a network of movements. Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire in Syria and North Africa, it is entering a weak country. including Afghanistan by trying to see that Muslims were destroyed Until the separation of nation states is an islamic state which have different policies with some strict Muslim countries or the middle path and some countries that focus on economic development

The goal of establishing an Islamic state of the ISIS group Focuses on Muslims’ dissatisfaction in defending religion. and the loss of family members in a state of war which connects the concept to the world To justify the use of violence in terrorism. from being intervened by superpowers to crack down on both the United States, China and Russia.

while the network of ISIS In ASEAN countries, there are a number of non-violent. but adopted the ideology of extremes in combat. view that Islam is not justified even malaysia and Indonesia is a Muslim country But I think these groups are doing it wrong. there is a suppression

Don’t underestimate the terrorist group that may cause a disturbance in the 9/11 remembrance.

“Japan warns of terrorism The day after the 9/11 anniversary is considered a symbol of terrorism. It will be an opportunity for ISIS to show itself after a period of declaration of non-violence during the coronavirus outbreak. which should be extra careful than usual may remember the loss or commemorate the triumph of his goal. no matter what event or transnational war must be expressed And it is possible that these groups could be tools for superpowers.”

in Thailand Even if they are not in direct conflict with the situation of terrorism. in showing a very suppressive role and is not highly affected but don’t underestimate the philippines There is a group of Abu Sayyaf. and Indonesia There is an Islamic militant group in Aceh. including in Malaysia all of which are linked to ISIS. should be more careful As long as the conflict in the world does not stop And this extreme ideology still exists.

Although there are currently no terrorist groups express yourself clearly but should not be underestimated Regardless of any terrorist group There may be an al-Qaeda group or a group.Isis-K subnet of the ISIS group moving in Afghanistan It might come off. considered a transnational disaster Disasters damage the world community. I think that Thailand will keep a certain level of vigilance. and have adequate information Like many ASEAN countries.


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