Beware of Symptoms of Lymphoma Cancer in Children, Lumps Appear in the Neck to Experience Shortness of Breath

TRENGGALEKPEDIA.COM – Be alert lymphoma cancer can strike young children.

Many people think that lymphoma cancer only at risk for adults, but in fact children are also at risk of this lymph cancer.

Reporting from the Ministry of Health page, Lymphoma itself is a type of cancer cell that attacks the body’s lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is one part of the immune system in the human body which consists of the lymph nodes, spinal cord, spleen, and thymus gland.

Therefore lymphoma cancer Often referred to as lymph node cancer.

Lymphoma cancer occurs when a type of white blood cell called a lymphocyte begins to grow abnormally, uncontrollably, and even begins to attack other body cells.

According to the page, according to data, Lymphoma is included as the third type of cancer in the world, which is prone to attack children at an early age.

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The first type of cancer that often attacks children is leukemia or white blood cell cancer, and the second is brain cancer.


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