Between football and geopolitics – Chartres (28000)

Attacker at FC Saint-Georges-sur-Eure, which plays in Regional 1, Amaury Aidat lives a double passion uncommon in the football world. In addition to the round ball, the young man is a fan of literature and world news. He is carrying out geopolitical studies which will allow him to fly to Saudi Arabia at the beginning of January.

After a degree in history at Paris-La Sorbonne, the young footballer (23 years old) decided to continue to get to know the Arab world better with, as a final objective, becoming a diplomat. After a year of internship at the French Institute in Egypt, located in Cairo, to familiarize himself with the language, he is preparing a Master 2 in two parts. After six months of theoretical training, he will soon fly, in early 2022, to Riyadh. In the very heart of the capital of Saudi Arabia, Amaury Aidat will do a six-month internship at the French Embassy.

On the football side, it was in Saint-Georges that he began his career at the age of five before taking the direction of FC Chartres where he was also part of the group coached by Jacky Lemée in CFA, before a return to his original club for three seasons.

6,000 kilometers from France

Not easy for him to carry out his studies and sport at the same time. Thus, this year, he can only train with FC Saint-Georges on Fridays but does not remain inactive during the week, playing with the La Sorbonne university team and adding jogging of 10 to 15 km. But, even far from his favorite club, 6,000 kilometers away, he will not forget football for all that and intends to integrate a new team very quickly, while recalling that football is booming in the Gulf countries. The striker will leave his friends with a little regret, however: “I am leaving when, after a difficult start to the season, we have started a good comeback in the league. I remain convinced that the dynamism and the will of the players, the managers and the new coach will allow them to stay in R1 ”.



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