Bern celebrates itself with a city festival

Folk festivals – Zurich has one, Lucerne and St. Gallen too, only in Bern has it been difficult to organize city festivals for decades. At the weekend, after a break of several years, most recently also due to the pandemic, there will be another big break in the federal city.

“Many of us missed the exchange with each other,” said the Mayor of Bern, Alec von Graffenried, with a view to the corona pandemic. There are simply moments that you want to experience and feel up close.

Now the time has come to be able to do exactly this again, despite the war in the Ukraine, von Graffenried explained in the program of the event. This makes it clear how life can be turned upside down from one moment to the next.

According to von Graffenried, the people of Ukraine are currently giving them strength and support from their own values ​​and shared memories. And such shared memories can be created, among other things, with festivals like the one at the weekend in Bern.

More than 100 concerts and performances are on the program from June 24th to 26th, including well-known names in the entertainment industry such as Francine Jordi or Oeschs die Third. Bernese crowd favorites like “Troubas Kater”, “Tomazobi”, “Traktorkestar” or “Bubi eifach” have a home game. There is also a women’s stage at the Bern city festival.

At irregular intervals

The last city festival took place in 2016 in the Bümpliz district. It attracted around 120,000 visitors. There were folk festivals in Bern as early as the beginning of the 20th century. A Bärnfescht rose in 1976, another in 1991. Then there was another quarter of a century break, until the one in Bümpliz.

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Bernhard Eicher from the current organizing committee can only speculate as to why the federal city has not had a regular city festival so far. The people of Bern are by no means the children of sadness. The Zibelemärit in November is a big folk festival and the Bernese carnival is also a hit.

In the summer, the Buskers street music festival also takes place in Bern, always captivating a large number of Bernese. Major sporting events such as the Grand Prix or the women’s run also take place in early summer.

As a federal city, Bern is also a regular venue for a wide variety of events and rallies. So it’s quite possible that the event needs of the people of Bern, who are considered to be comfortable, are already more or less covered.

Explore potential

The organizers of the organizing association now want to explore whether there is potential for a regular city festival. “After the festival, we will conduct a survey among all partners who have gotten involved,” Bernhard Eicher, President of the Bärner Stadtfest association, was quoted as saying in the Bernese Tamedia newspapers.


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