Benjamin Lefranc, Hope of CA Brive and already European champion with the under 18s

He is part of what we may call in a few years the new golden generation. Benjamin Lefranc is European rugby sevens champion with the under-18s. And what a European champion! With his team, the Brivist won his six games and did not concede any points, ending his campaign with a victory 38 to zero against Russia. “To win the championship is something that does not happen every day” says young Benjamin, who scored his try in the semi-final victory over Spain. “Without taking any more points, it’s great! It means that we have a team which has dominated the championship and which can go further!”

In the heart of July, Benjamin Lefranc therefore left Poland, where the European Championship was taking place, to return to Brive, his hometown. “I am a pure cuckoo” believes the young man, who started very early in Brive. “I started in U8, and I never changed club or did a double license! I started because my brother was already playing rugby in Brive” says Benjamin, who continued, unlike his brother, despite the hard tackles.

Progress still to be made in the field of plating

From now on, Benjamin Lefranc’s dream is to turn pro, like many young people at the Training Center. “I have this opportunity so I’m going to play it hard” the young man smiles. “After that, if I can’t because of an injury or if I don’t have the level, I will stop.” Nevertheless, he knows that he still has to progress. “Like everyone else, I have a roadmap “ tell the third line “as in the tackle. I attack well but I still have gaps in this area” he believes.

In the meantime, during his free time, Benjamin Lefranc gives free rein to his artistic creativity. In music, in particular. “I started at the Brive Conservatory where I played the piano. I also play the guitar. I have a little musical ear, but I compose little. Sad to say, but I did a song, lyrics and music, for my grandfather’s funeral. But otherwise, around a campfire, with my friends, you play them a little song and it’s nice. “

Benjamin Lefranc is now ready to strum, not the strings of his guitar, but the balloons in the rucksack zone. He could resume the championship during the first match of the Espoirs, on September 19, against Lyon.


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