Ben Affleck’s reaction after his 10-year-old son crashed a luxury Lamborghini

Ben Affleck had a hectic weekend in Los Angeles, California. What seemed like a shopping trip turned out to be quite a tense moment. How did the actor react after Samuel, his 10-year-old son, crashed a luxury Lamborghini?

In the images that went viral, Affleck can be seen in the first instance talking with those in charge of the dealership through gestures that show some anger. Probably at that time he wanted to clarify the situation.

As it turned out, Jennifer Lopez’s partner would have allowed Samuel to get into the driver’s seat of a yellow Lamborghini Suv. The boy reversed the vehicle that costs about 1,400 euros to rent per day and he collided with a white BMW parked behind it.

Images also appeared of when the actor tried to comfort Samuel, with JLO in the background: a hug to make him understand that everything was fine, apart from the mischief.

Ben Affleck’s consolation to Samuel.


“There was no accident”: the message from Ben Affleck’s environment

A spokesman for the actor assured that “everyone is fine”while an employee of the concessionaire explained that “there was no accident”in order to minimize the situation.

The car was in motion and after having touched the reverse, the boy got out to see what had happened: the yellow Lamborghini had been propped up against the front left side of the white BMW.

Samuel getting out of the Lamborghini after crashing the BMW

Samuel getting out of the Lamborghini after crashing the BMW


Surely it was of great help that the distance between the two vehicles was very short, so the Lamborghini did not get to take the necessary momentum to cause any significant damage.

Finally, Ben, Samuel and Jennifer left the dealership without having to lament any catastrophe. There was only a scare and a moment of tension.

Busy weekend for Ben Affleck.

Busy weekend for Ben Affleck.


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