Ben Affleck reveals that he considers himself a feminist at the Venice International Film Festival

VENEZIA. – Ben Affleck has secured today in Venice, during the press conference for the presentation of “The Last Duel” (“The Last Duel”), directed by Ridley Scott, that the story he tells is relevant in today’s world and with a strong feminist imprint and has affirmed that he consider feminist.

Ben Affleck

I consider myself a feminist and, if this was an interesting film, it is because of the role of Marguerite (Jodie Comer), her strength and her courage, “said Affleck, who in addition to acting in the film, based on real events, has co-written the script with Matt Damon and Nicole Holofcener.

“It is an important and incredible story, classic in terms of narrative: faced with a great injustice, a woman decide to raise your voice and seeking justice by putting herself at risk, the fact that it is a powerful man who abuses her seemed relevant today and that could generate catharsis and empathy, “he said.

The story, told from three different points of view, revolves around a noble woman who in the 14th century France decides to testify against her husband’s best friend because of rape, which will lead to the fate of the three being decided in a duel to the death.


Ben Affleck

“For many years women have not been seen as equal human beings and there are vestiges of that look that remain today,” stressed Affleck, while admitting that they did not want to be “too didactic or boring” about.

Ben Affleck’s arrival in Venice has caused great expectation, since he has been accompanied by the singer and actress Jennifer López, with whom he is living a new stage of a romance that dates back to 2003.

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