Belén Esteban explodes against Kiko Rivera: “Those of us who have taken drugs have been because we wanted to”

Kiko Rivera has been the last guest on the show Jesus Calleja where he has made some of the most personal confessions during his trip to Nepal.

At one point in the interview, the DJ revealed to the host that did not accept the birth of his third daughter —Second with Irene Rosales– Carlota. “I was very bad, I did not feel good about myself, I did not accept it, I did not even want to the day of his birth either. But, little by little, he won over me, “he explained totally devastated.

In addition, Rivera assured that during Irene’s pregnancy, he did not touch her belly “not once” due to the bad time he was going through. A moment that he attributes to his past with drugs, where he came to waste around eight million euros in parties and excesses.

Far from being responsible for his actions, Kiko revealed to Calleja that much of the blame for these excesses was his mother, Isabel Pantoja, for not being attentive enough when he started flirting with drugs.

Belén Esteban, very angry with Kiko Rivera

These statements of Kiko Rivera have given much to talk about and have not liked everyone, as has been the case of Belén Esteban. The Madrilenian has taken advantage of her program to respond harshly to Kiko for having blamed her mother for her bad decisions.

“Here the hell you have to blame Pantoja that your son is also on drugs. Here Those of us who have been on drugs have been because we wanted to“He said flatly, to add:” He who wants to go out, even though it costs a lot, goes out. And others who cannot end up where they end, unfortunately. “

Belén also wanted to comment on Isabel Pantoja’s trips to America, which according to the DJ she did knowing that her son was living an excessively frantic youth and even so she left him “unattended.” “What was he going to America for? That you do not lack anything in your house and you were not lacking “, Esteban added, ending with a forceful ‘zasca’:” We are old enough to accept how badly we have done it “.


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