“Being a popular artist is the legion of honor for a singer”

He is one of the greatest lyricists of French song, he wrote for Johnny Hallyday, Dalida or Gilbert Montagné. Didier Barbelivien releases his 22nd album as a performer and ensures that it will be the last. The singer is on tour and will perform on November 12, 2023 at the Sébastopol theater in Lille.

Didier Barbelivien has sold millions of records, his own and those of others. C Jérôme, Christophe, Johnny Hallyday, Dalida, Patricia Kaas, Gilbert Montagné, Demis Roussos – the list is far from exhaustive – sang his texts. The artist is releasing a final album as a performer and will be on stage in Lille on November 12, 2023.

little girl of the sun, The sunlights of the tropics, Miss Sings the Blues, Captain Harlock, He bangs on bamboos… Didier Barbelivien has written more than 2,000 titles for others, “more not just tubes”, he said modestly. Without forgetting his own, he sang around 250!

Eto be a popular artist, he claims, it’s the legion of honor for a singer, a reward granted to us by the public. I’ve never hidden it, it doesn’t have a pejorative connotation for me.”

His album is simply titled Didier Barbelivien. This final record, a last for the road in a way, is a love letter to his fans: “I made 22 albumshe counts, I could have done a lot more. I was never very addicted to records. The studio is nice, we are with a team. But there are still great moments of loneliness where you can ask yourself: “But what am I doing here? “.”

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We asked Didier Barbelivien to choose three favorite songs. Here is the result.

I had the revelation of wanting to write songs around thirteen or fourteen years old, listening to this title. Julien Clerc was the spokesperson for my generation. He was the singer we had discovered in May 68, he spoke with new words, different words. And one day I wrote for him.

It is an adaptation of Beatlesaccording to Girl, the original title. I really like the Beatles and I also like Johnny Hallyday. I was very sensitive to this adaptation. I believe these are Vline Buggy et Hugues Aufray who wrote the text in French.

It’s one of the most beautiful songs Michel Polnareff, a singer from my teenage years. This is the music from the film of the same name, from Nadine Trintignant with Catherine Deneuve et Marcello Mastroianni.

It’s my thing, the kleenex song. I can’t resist it!

There is a melancholy, a very beautiful text by Jean-Loup Dabadie and the music of Polnareff. I like melancholy songs. Singing sad songs, that’s all I like! It’s my thing, the Kleenex song, I can’t resist it!

Didier Barbelivien admits: “If I hadn’t had all these people on my path, Polnareff, Dabadie, Julien Clerc, Roda-Gil, I wouldn’t have done that job, I wouldn’t have started! Often, we go there out of admiration, to try to confront these people.”

And of all the songs he has performed, which is his favorite? “It is Elle, in 1980. I really like this song, it is linked to my first success as a performer. It’s not that I gave it that much importance, but still, a first success is like a first love, it is never forgotten.

The studio album Didier Barbelivien is the last but at 69, the artist does not give up music. He will continue to write for others and perform on stage: “The stage is what I love. However, I started very late, at 53, at theOlympia. There is a spontaneity, a truth on the stage, a real pleasure in being an artist.”

Didier Barbelivien will be on November 12, 2023 at Sevastopol theater from Lille. To wait, you can watch his entire interview on the show You are amazing from April 04, 2023.

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