Behind the scenes of Apple Store # 5: Business Conduct rules

As in all businesses, Apple employees are held to the same standards of conduct within the box. A sort of internal regulation called Business Conduct, which deserves to be known.

Behind the scenes of the Apple Store đź‘‘

In this series from Club iGen, let’s demystify some aspects of Apple’s iconic stores.

  1. VM, one night to change everything
  2. Concierge to do everything
  3. Employee training
  4. Cellebrite, friend / foe
  5. Rules of Business Conduct

“Business Conduct” is for Apple employees what App Store guidelines are for developers. Specifications on what is allowed to be done… and what is prohibited! Do you know for example that there is only one reference, very precise, of toilet paper that must be used in Apple Stores for employees? There is nothing exceptional about it, this kind of rule is common to all large companies.


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