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Behavior on social media puts an end to national team games – Germany with coach Toni Söderholm nobs NHL goalkeeper | Sports

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Detroit’s strong goalkeeper Thomas Greiss misses the NHL playoffs and could be relevant for this spring’s World Cup. But Germany’s national team management, led by national team captain Toni Söderholm, firmly says no. The reason: Greiss’ opinions on social media.

It is the German site eishockeynews.de which reveals that Thomas Greiss is no longer relevant for national team games with Germany. According to the site, it is due to Greiss’ behavior on social media.

Among other things, the goalkeeper wrote an Instagram post two months ago in which he lamented the death of radio presenter Rush Limbaugh with a tribute to the controversial Limbaugh.

In the past, he has also liked Instagram posts that humiliated US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, including one that compared her to Adolf Hitler. Greiss has publicly expressed his support for former US President Donald Trump, and among other things liked a video where Trump beheads his rivals.

– As long as the current management is responsible, Thomas Greiss will not be invited, says the association’s sports director Christian Künast to eishockey.de.

Uncertainty about values

– We can not be 100 percent sure when it comes to his attitude to our values. A selection is therefore not relevant, says Künast.

The 35-year-old Greiss has made twelve seasons in the NHL and a total of 30 A-League caps. He last played in the World Cup for Germany in 2017. He has this season been the Detroit Red Wings’ first goalkeeper and played a total of 33 games for the team, which is seventh of eight teams in the Central Division.

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Greiss has finished the season very strong and was chosen last week as the player of the week in the NHL after, among other things, having kept a clean sheet twice.

Germany will not have many NHL reinforcements when the World Cup starts in Riga later this month. Among the few names that can come up for Toni Söderholm’s national team speech because their clubs miss the NHL playoffs are Tim Stützle from the Ottawa Senators and Tobias Rieder from the Buffalo Sabers.


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