Bebe Vio relives the drama of the infection before Tokyo, a moved mother

Paralympic champion, emblem of a sport and of a movement that educates to face every test without slipping into the cult of performance, Baby saw she did not spare herself on this October Sunday. Guest al Sports Festival, in Trento, in the evening he participated in What’s the weather like, answering the conductor’s questions Fabio Fazio. He won the gold medal in individual foil and the silver medal in team foil at the last Paralympics from Tokyo, where it has also been the standard-bearer for Italy.

Mother Teresa’s tears: Bebe Vio jokes

As pointed out in Trento by the champion, the months preceding the Olympics turned out to be very hard, really complicated and retracing those days, during the interview, discouragement and suffering emerged, but not in Bebe. In the audience, to assist in the audience, the mother Teresa which dissolved in tears while the champion retraced each step, together with her father Ruggero and her sister Maria Sole.

Fabio Fazio, before starting the chat, he introduced the interview with a report that summarized the sporting deeds of the Paralympic champion, moving mother Teresa. Bebe he smiled and played down like this: he commented:

“Mom always cries”. Fabio Fazio ironically: “This is another show, we laugh. I’m sorry to disappoint you ”. The interview began with the latest misadventure on Beeb Vio’s Stromboli: “Twelve kilometers round trip, we were dead. But beautiful, we had a lot of fun. Those who give me the prostheses had a little less fun, because I destroyed my feet ”.

Bebe Vio: the intervention in April that put her to the test

In April, Baby saw she really risked her life for an infection that led her to a delicate operation, which might not have had the desired outcome:

“It was a tough time, mostly because I didn’t expect it. I was also able to live through the pandemic well because for the first time in a long time, the family was reunited at home. Everything was fine, then in September I got injured. In the hospital I got Staphylococcus, it happens, there are very low percentages but I’m very strong with low percentages. The lower it is, the more I go to peck it (laughs, ed). My orthopedist was very good … among other things, it’s called Accept. At first he thought he had to amputate another piece and I said: “Also no”. I asked him to give me a week to spend Easter with the family and he: “You don’t understand how the situation is”, I didn’t think it was so serious, I was underestimating it. I took the treatments to eradicate the infection, which was eating me up. At that moment I was the first not to believe it, but they cheered me up ”.

The conductor, Fabio Fazio, also introduced the pain of Bebe and the despondency following the illness: he had confided to his father that he wanted to die, committing suicide by throwing himself out of bed.

The thought of ending it all: the words of the father to Bebe Vio

Dad Ruggero, replying that she would have been hurt more and could have been worse, sent her a new energy, engaging her with a more powerful psychological reaction than any other sentence.

“Luckily you didn’t, because life was amazing, it gave you beautiful things. You met Obama, Pope Francis… in short, in my opinion you are a head of state ”. Thus, he broadcast a video that summarized all the important personalities met by Baby saw. And she commented amused: “I look like the one who always crashes at dinners. I miss Queen Elizabeth and I have to move I know (laughs, ed) ”.

Bebe Vio prominent personality: only Queen Elizabeth is missing

After this joke, it’s up to another project, on 26 October the Bebe Vio Academy: “Nike has chosen to fulfill the dream of 9 athletes. I am the only white one, I found a bit of racism (laughs, ed) ”. And she reiterated her deepest desire: to be able to convey that desire to react through sport to disabled people who today have not yet experienced the opportunity, mental and physical, that sport has offered her.


What happened to Bebe Vio, Paralympic champion?

At just 11 years old, Bebe Vio was struck by fulminant meningitis, which causes her to have an extensive infection with necrosis of her forearms and legs. Her limbs are amputated

How many prostheses does Bebe Vio have?

Bebe Vio has prostheses on the four amputated limbs; she is the first athlete to compete with these full-limb prostheses

Where was Bebe Vio born?

To Venice

What are the names of Bebe Vio’s parents?

Teresa and Ruggero Vio

When was Bebe Vio born?

March 4, 1997

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