Beautifully Raised Unique Ornamental Chicken

Unique ornamental chicken is one type of chicken that has its own uniqueness and beauty.

The beauty and uniqueness usually lies in the limbs.

This is what makes the chicken seem attractive when people see it.

In addition, there are many kinds and types of ornamental chickens scattered in many countries around the world.

Where the chicken has the characteristics and character of each.

So that each type of ornamental chicken has a uniqueness and beauty that can attract people to keep it.

Usually, chickens that are included in the unique ornamental chicken category have different things such as sound, color, body posture and feathers.

For example, ornamental chickens with their own uniqueness in the sound section, there are Pelung Chickens and Katawa Chickens.

As for the posture of the beauty of the body, there are Brahma and Serama chickens.

Another example is chicken with exotic black color found in Ayam Cemani.

Lastly, the ornamental chicken with unique feathers is the cotton chicken.

What are Unique Ornamental Chickens that are suitable as pets?

For those of you who are looking for unique ornamental chickens as pets, you can see the following references.

Types of Cemani Chicken

First, there is Cemani chicken, which is one of the original chickens from Indonesia.

Cemani itself has a distinctive feature, namely the skin, anus, hair up to the feet even though it is black.

Because of the color that makes many people think Cemani is an exotic chicken.

Apparently not only unique, people also sell Cemani chicken at quite expensive prices.

Although the color is black, the Cemani chicken meat can still be consumed by people.

But some people often feel strange if they want to try to consume this unique ornamental chicken.

Types of Cotton Ornamental Chicken

Next is the cotton chicken or what people often call Silkie chicken.

Silkie is one of the most popular chickens in Indonesia.

The reason is because the fur is so unique and similar to cotton.

It is said that the news circulated that the chicken came from China.

The feathers that expand and stand up make the chicken look big from a distance.

In addition, this is what makes this unique ornamental chicken look beautiful.

The dominant feather color in cotton chickens is white.

Then at the back of the jengger there is a crest that grows towards the back.

The chicken feathers, which are similar to cotton, serve to keep the chickens warm in the extreme climates of their country.

It doesn’t stop there, there are other unique things, namely on the toes, which reach 5 pieces.

The toes tested were different from other chickens, which were only four.

In addition to white, the type of cotton chicken also has other colors.

The colors are brown and black.

But the Japas unique ornamental chicken is more famous for its white color.

Pelung Type Chicken

Next there is pelung chicken which comes from Indonesia or the Cianjur area.

The chicken has a large and sturdy body when standing.

This is what makes the cache stand out later.

This type of ornamental chicken has strong long legs and thick thighs.

Indeed Pelung including native chickens but the difference is in the size of the comb and large body.

One of the special and unique characteristics of pelung chicken is in its voice.

Because this unique ornamental chicken has a long crowing that can even reach the ground.

Unique Batik Chicken

Batik Chicken, also known as Sebright, is a chicken originating from England.

One of the characteristics of this chicken is that it is found in the feathers.

Batik chicken feathers have a motif similar to batik.

The reason is the color of carved chicken feathers like clear and neat sides.

This ornamental chicken named Batik has two types, namely the basic reddish brown color, namely the Canadian Batik Chicken.

Meanwhile, the unique batik ornamental chicken with white silver base is the Italian Batik Chicken.

Polish Named Ornamental Chicken

Despite having a Polish name, apparently the chicken is not from Poland but from the Netherlands.

Usually people call it the crested chicken, crown chicken and horn chicken.

This is because there is thick hair that almost covers the eyes just behind the comb.

So that when you look from a distance, the eyes of a Polish chicken are like covered with a crest.

Onagadori Chicken Poultry

Next there is Onagadori chicken or often referred to as long tail chicken.

Onagadori is a unique ornamental chicken originating from Japan.

Even in their home country, the chicken can have a tail that reaches 15 meters in length.

Meanwhile, the Indonesians, with good care, even the tails of chickens can only reach 1.5 meters.

The reason is that there is a difference in temperature so that Onagadori chicken tails when treated in Indonesia are not as long as in their home country.

The name Onagadori itself comes from kara O which means tail and dragon means long and dori means fowl.

Chicken Named Phoenix

For this unique ornamental chicken, it is the same as the previous type, namely Onagadori because it is still a descendant.

But Phoenix chicken comes from Germany.

The chicken is the result of a cross between Onagadori and other types of chicken.

If the Onagadori tail is long as well as wavy, the Phoenix chicken has a long but straight tail.

Many people think that Phoenix chicken is the same as Onagadori but in fact they are different.

The difference lies in the origin of the chicken as well as the shape of the feathers on its tail.

Serama’s Unique Chicken

Next there is the Serama chicken, which is the chicken with the smallest body posture in the world from Malaysia.

One of his trademarks is that he has a sturdy chest that makes him look dashing even though he is small.

Because of this uniqueness in Indonesia, there are often contests in the form of Chicken Serama.


Next there is the unique ornamental turkey chicken that has many types such as Self, White Holland, Bronze and many more.

Actually in their home country there are various turkeys and people often keep them for consumption.

But the beauty of the fur and its large posture make many people in other parts of the world maintain it.


The next type is the laughing chicken, which is a unique chicken because its crowing sound resembles someone laughing.

The origin of this chicken is Sidrap district, South Sulawesi region.

Both the shape, body posture and behavior of this chicken are similar to native chickens in general.


The next unique line of ornamental chickens is the guinea fowl from mainland Africa.

This one chicken often lives in flocks in the bushes and savannah.

Pearls belong to the family of birds or aves that are able to fly high, but the auan cannot return to their homes.

The nature of the chicken is not good at incubating the eggs.

Usually, guinea fowl incubate the eggs by covering them with twigs or leaves.

So that by itself the eggs stay warm and then hatch


The next list of ornamental chickens has special features with large and stout bodies.

Initially the chickens often became broilers and laying hens because of their large bodies.

But more and more, especially in the homeland, many keep it as an ornamental chicken or collection.

The unique shape of the chicken with the book almost covering its legs makes ornamental chicken lovers interested.

True to its name this chicken comes from Brahma the prince of the Indian state.


For a unique ornamental chicken this one comes from the Shanghai area of ​​China.

This type of chicken is similar to the Brahma chicken but is more round in shape.

In Indonesia, the Cochin chicken is still quite limited in its population.

Because not many people are cultivating Cochin ornamental chicken.


The name of the next ornamental chicken is Pheasant, which is an imported chicken and people often call it pheasant.

Because of the beauty of the feathers, people often call it the chicken from heaven.

At first glance, the Pheasant chicken looks like a bird, but because it does not suffer from flying, it is included in the chicken category.

That’s a line of ornamental and unique chickens for you to keep.


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